Zombieland Saga Episode 4: Zombies At A Hot Spring

Zombieland Saga Episode 4

Kotaro as the manager is doing a good job at fighting with Haiji from Run With The Wind for gaining the title of most obnoxious character of the season. Haiji at least has his good moments in between being a blatant manipulator whereas Kotaro here is just obnoxious in every single scene he is in. It is almost a shame that he’s voiced by someone so recognisable because I’m honestly never going to be able to hear that voice again without seeing this smirking idiot screaming into the faces of the zombie girls or being unbearably smug about doing something fairly lame.

Zombieland Saga Episode 4

And the reason I’m fixating on that is because very little else in this episode gained my attention. The girls are all about working together to overcome their doubts and actually practice to become idols (meanwhile they have this touching heart to heart while shirking practice to take in some sights). We get a performance that goes better than most of their shows so far and then we get dumped into what I guess is more traditional zombie horror territory but here it is played for cheap laughs and to be honest it wasn’t so much amusing as it was just a little mind boggling.


Still, I guess episodes 3 and 4 have at least established the idol tone this show is going to take, I’m just not so sure I’m up for a whole season of this. The character dialogue between the girls is very flat, the music isn’t really getting any better, and even though the girls are zombies they clearly have no interest in exploring the horror element of that, so I’m just not sure what is left for me to enjoy here.

Zombieland Saga Episode 4

I’ll probably give this another episode but I’m fairly certain this one is going to get a mid-season drop because I’m just not feeling it and unlike other titles that aren’t exactly nailing it for me, I’m not even overly optimistic that this one will improve as time goes on.

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13 thoughts on “Zombieland Saga Episode 4: Zombies At A Hot Spring

  1. The stories are getting flimsy but the characters are still fun enough for me. I like the delinquent girl saying “You wanna die?” without any irony given their reanimated status! 😛

    I think Kotaro is meant to be a satire on the Idol managers who work their girls like slaves yet claim all the rewards, so he’s supposed to be obnoxious and selfish. Hopefully he’ll get his in the end. 🙂

    1. There’s definitely a heavy dose of satire in the whole idol concept in this show, but given I’m not really into idols or idol anime, that isn’t enough for me to stay interested when not much else is grabbing me.

  2. Haha…he is definitely annoying and very obnoxious. Sometimes I do have a laugh at him at times, but yeah…he does get on my nerves as well.
    Please don’t ask me why: but for some reason this show is still working for me. I just like it: maybe it’s just because I like all things zombie, maybe it’s because it’s a different kind of show and it takes a unique spin on the genre…but other than that my mind draws a blank.
    I do understand why you would drop this though…it certainly isn’t the best show of this season…in fact out of all the shows I’m currently watching it’s the one I like the least. But well…not dropping it yet. (And hey…I got through Angels of Death….and am about to watch the final episode…so…not going to drop this one lol 😂😂).

    1. If it was a comparison, I’ve enjoyed these first few episodes more than I enjoyed the episodes of Angels of Death, but it is kind of similar in that both shows started with a really good, atmospheric opening that drew me in and then they both kind of squandered it over the follow up episodes.
      Hopefully this one ends up better than Angels of Death overall, and I’ll give it another episode but I’m just thinking I might need to give up episodic coverage because I’m going to end up getting very repetitive.

      1. True enough. Angels of Death sadly hasn’t redeemed it self (at least for me it didn’t), and my review will make an appearance later today.
        But that said…I have no idea where this will head towards either. If it does continue to be a show that keeps having different idol performances each week, and not anything else…I might end up ditching it too (though I always have trouble doing that lol )> But well…fingers crossed it might still turn up good 😊😊

  3. Originally, I was going to review this instead of Radiant, but I could not get through the first episode. You have my respect for making it through four episodes.

    1. I really enjoyed episode 1. Everything after that has been pretty blah but episode one had some great comedic timing and had a very b-grade horror feeling to it which I really had fun with.
      On the other hand, I didn’t make it through the first episode of Radiant. Just didn’t grab me at all.

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