Zombieland Saga Episode 1: Zombies and Idols, Who Would Notice the Difference?

Zombieland Saga Episode 1 - The Zombies

Right, so I have no idea where this plans to go or whether or not MAL labelling it as an action/horror is accurate. So far I’m getting a very horror/comedy vibe and this first episode is highly entertaining but it left me wondering what they intend to do for the next 11 episodes and whether or not this one is going to suffer from diminishing returns. That said, its a zombie story so of course I’m going to keep going for at least another couple of episodes.

Of course, that makes it sound like this first episode was disappointing which is completely untrue. This first episode is a blast. We start off with our typical high school girl, Sakura, who wants to be an idol dressing for her day at school and running out the door and immediately get hit by a car. The timing is perfect as this sequence doesn’t drag and the impact of the girl flying through the air as the music starts to play is pretty fantastic.

Zombieland Saga Episode 1 - Sakura

There’s also the fact that when the girl awakens she doesn’t seem to realise she’s a zombie. Though I think the real supernatural effort goes to her clothes and hair ribbon which somehow have survived her getting killed and being dead for ten years. Even the bullet hole she acquires just kind of seems to disappear.

Tatsumi, as the manager and guy I assume is responsible for making them zombies, might become super annoying. He has this tendency to either be really vague in his responses and explanations or to just randomly start shouting. While it could be amusing in small doses if it becomes a prominent and repeated theme it is definitely going to become one of the lower points of this anime.

Zombieland Saga Episode 1 - Tatsumi

However, the end of the episode where the zombies are taken to perform at a death metal open mic kind of thing, is fantastic. No rehearsal or plan, most of the girls still mindless zombies, and there they are up on stage. It is exactly the kind of train wreck you would expect from such a set up.

Make-up fixes everything. Even death and decay apparently.

So yes, plenty to enjoy provided you find zombie idols amusing though I still have to wonder what the long term plan for this show is because the vague ‘save Saga’ goal the manager threw out there isn’t exactly something I can see happening in 12 episodes.

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19 thoughts on “Zombieland Saga Episode 1: Zombies and Idols, Who Would Notice the Difference?

  1. That opening scene was awesome! I love how it seemed like everything was your typical giddy high schooler girl going about her day then WHAM! 😮

    This will probably end up being silly but I’m definitely in for this one! 🙂

    1. I know. The opening scene sold this anime to me. They probably could have done nothing for the entire rest of the episode and I’d have been happy just because of that opening.

  2. I have just finished this episode….And…I didn’t expect to, but I really enjoyed it! A dog called Romero (classic 😂😂), and that scene up on the stage was seriously hilarious. I’m not much for comedy, but this combination of metal music, zombies and all kinds of other weirdness plus the small dose of horror, makes this a truly fun series so far. Like you, no idea where this is going. But..I think I’m going to stick with it. 😊😊

    1. I did love the nods to classic and modern horror throughout the episode (wondering how many references just sailed straight over my head) . It was just a really fun first episode.

      1. Oh, I probably missed a couple of them myself as well 😊All in all though, I liked this one (and that’s something I don’t often say about a comedy 😊😊).

        1. Agreed, comedy and me don’t normally mesh very well at all. Horror and comedy combined is probably my favourite combination and this one just hit the mark (okay, I have a really weird sense of humour but this made me laugh out loud more than once).

          1. Haha….well, my sense of humour is like that as well, which is probably why I enjoyed this one so much too😊😊
            Well..guess I have found my first new seasonal anime! 😀😀 Now to see what I’m going to be adding next! 🤔😉

          2. I’m still sitting in the wait and see camp for most of the shows coming out, though the Bunny Girl Senpai one was surprisingly decent (providing a lot of oddly phrased dialogue doesn’t throw you off). That said, it could potentially just be a bore and not do anything with its ideas. Still, I enjoyed the first episode of it.
            Of course SAO is out tomorrow and I’m positively bouncing at the thought of getting to see that. And Goblin Slayer is yet to drop which I’m also really excited about.

          3. Haha…I have been checking all week of maybe in some way it came out earlier (sword art). Of course it didn’t. Like you I’m very excited to see that one myself! Bunny Girl Senpai is actually the next show I will see, so I will let you know if I liked it 😊😊 But true, I’m also still waiting a bit for which ones are going to be the ones to really add. (but Zombieland Saga is a definite must watch for me now😊).

          4. Update: I think I have just found my second show to add: Really Enjoyed Bunny Girl Senpai. Second time today that I watch a show that I really thought I would not enjoy, but again was proven wrong. No idea where this will go either, but for now I am (again) sticking with it 😊😊

          5. It’s surprising how interesting it was. It does however lead to that awkward moment when someone asks what I’m watching and I have to figure out how to phrase Bunny Girl Senpai in the least ridiculous way possible.

          6. Hahaha😂😂😂😂 Yeah…sorry…that was really funny😂😂😂
            Seriously though: definitely a very interesting series. Looking forward to seeing more episodes in the upcoming weeks! 😊😊

    1. Seems reviewers are a bit mixed. Some people loved it and others were finding it just a bit hard to take. I had a great time, but then again, I love terrible horror so this was just kind of working for me even though it seems more comedy than horror.

  3. Frankly at first I thought this is going to be a psychological anime. But after watching the first episode, I think I can watch it though just like you said we don’t know what will happen after….

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