Zombie Loan Episode 1



Kita, who is apparently the single biggest doormat of a character in anime history, can see rings around people’s neck when they are going to die. One day she sees rings around the necks of two boys at school. Turns out they are already dead and they are hunting down zombies to earn money to pay back some kind of debt.


This first episode wasn’t exactly impressive. Considering this came out in 2007, visually it actually looks quite a bit older and there was a weird moment mid-episode where we suddenly had like random stick figures for two lines of dialogue but then that effect was never used again so it kind of felt just like an unfinished scene.


Kita, as the main character, is already annoying me. She genuinely let’s herself get pushed around by her so called friends and then dragged off by the two zombies. She has absolutely zero agency so far as a character which in a first episode isn’t the end of the world, but she doesn’t have any kind of actual personality other than wimp being exhibited. There’s an attempt to make us feel a little sympathetic for her when we see her home life, but even that just kind of emphasises how incredibly passive she is as a character.

I’ll admit, I’m curious about Chika and Shito (the zombies) but not really about anything else so I’m not entirely convinced that I’ll finish this at this point.

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Karandi James.


5 thoughts on “Zombie Loan Episode 1

  1. Oh! I’d started to watch this at one point, but then dropped it after the first episode. The zombies were interesting the protag was just as you said – a doormat.

  2. The first episode doesn’t sound all that impressive. I thought the premise was interesting when I used this as an option for that horror poll but I’m curious to see your take on how it turns out.

  3. Hmm, I usually really enjoy classic anime, and I actually also like the old classic anime look. The premise for this one does sound rather unique, and having zombies in it, also is a plus for me. But that said reading through this I’m not so convinced this is a good series at this point. Looking forward to more posts for this series to see if I need to add this to my “to watch encyclopedia ” lol 😂😂

    1. While reviews for ep 2 and 3 will come out over the next couple of days I can probably spare you the trouble and point out I dropped this at that point. Interesting idea but it did not get any better than this.

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