Yuri on Ice Episode 8


Yuri on Ice Episode 8 Review:

While this episode of Yuri on Ice doesn’t have quite the overflow of emotion that episode 7 carried with it the story and characters continue to progress. Admittedly, we’re once again sitting through introductions to yet new skaters in the Russian competition and then their routines and that eats a lot of the episode.

Still, Yuri’s character transformation hasn’t completely melted away and while inner doubts are plaguing him he is acting in a far assertive manner than the Yuri we met at the beginning. Yurio on the other hand is struggling emotionally and it will be amazing if and when he finally comes through his emotional turmoil.

The end of the episode also points at a critical moment for Yuri and Victor coming next episode. Last point, someone pointed out that the opening sequence had been changing throughout the series so I went back and rewatched just the opening to a few of the early episodes and yep, they’ve definitely been adding to that as we’ve gone along. Now I’m going to have to watch it more carefully.

All and all, episode 8 isn’t all that wow as a stand alone episode but definitely works with what we’ve seen from this series so far.

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Karandi James

4 thoughts on “Yuri on Ice Episode 8

  1. Yurio’s confrontation is definitely going to in the finale, and he’s going to slay us all in.
    I also love how the opening is continually being added things and polished, just like Yuri and Yurio themselves!

  2. YES!!!!!!!! I really don’t have much to say…but I just can’t help commenting on all YOI posts I see. So here I am! Can’t wait to see how this all ends but at the same time I don’t want it to end.

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