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Yuri on Ice Episode 6 Review:

Do you like ice skating? Is that why you are watching Yuri on Ice? If yes, then this is the episode for you. Let’s watch all the skaters and their routines (and yes they are amazing and the music is great and I loved it but for the non-ice skating fans watching this show I can see them having enough at about the ten minute mark).

What is good about this episode are the ongoing conversations and observations made by characters about what is happening. It allows the characters to continue their journey even while the bulk of the episode is covered in pretty spins and dancing. Though, Victor’s coaching takes quite a few verbal barbs this episode and to be honest it kind of needed it even if Victor is playing totally cool.

Yuri’s routine (and this is the third time we’ve seen it) shows the full depth of his growth as a skater and is truly something spectacular this episode. That said, I would fully understand where some people might find this a bit of a gamble. The audience has been hooked but if your plot stalls entirely in favour of realism in portraying the competition of ice skating they might lose some viewers. For me, this episode was beautiful and just fun to watch.

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Karandi James

10 thoughts on “Yuri on Ice Episode 6

  1. Watching this series has actually made me appreciate figure skating, whereas it was something I rarely thought about before hand. So yay for Yuri!

  2. I love all of it, because it’s showing a strong character driven story, which is my favorite, and all the characters have been great so far!

  3. Exactly – as much as I enjoy the skating parts, too much of it gets a bit repetitive, especially knowing that the time could have been spent working on relationships or just improving the animation of some specific sequences.

  4. First off, great review! I love figure skating, so this episode was definitely amazing to watch. With that said, I can absolutely see your point about why some people wouldn’t appreciate nearly the entire episode centered around the routines. My biggest critiques are 1. viewers were introduced to several new characters in this episode. That’s probably why none of us can remember their names. 2. Yuri’s adoration for Victor seems to have progressed pretty quickly with episode 5 and 6. With the series being this far along, it definitely needs to move ahead but the shift from admiration to obsessive-like adoration feels forced.

    1. I didn’t mind them speeding up Yuri and Victor’s relationship but it is clearly being moved by the plot rather than a naturally progressing relationship.
      Yeah, I genuinely don’t remember most of the new names (or I remember the names but can’t attach them to the right skater). It isn’t really an issue but it makes some of the conversations about the episode confusing.

  5. I still don’t know exactly why the skating is so fascinating to me. That said, I really liked Leo’s routine for some reason.

    Also if we’ve not seen enough manservice yet, it seems Boris is going to step up as many times as it takes.

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