Yuri On Ice Episode 5


Yuri on Ice spends a lot of this episode in competition so gear up for watching lots of ice skating routines. Normally I’d find that a negative in a show and its one of the reasons I avoid sport related anime in the first place. But… I like watching ice skating. It’s one of the few sports I find beautiful to watch. And, one of Yuri’s key characteristics is his poor performance in competition conditions so watching him find his feet in a competition and begin dealing with this emotional block is kind of a necessary step for where this show seems to want to go. There are still some elements in this show that aren’t quite landing. Victor’s coaching technique leaves a lot to be desired. While he spends a lot of time building Yuri up, with one thoughtless comment he can send his skater emotionally crashing right before a competition and Victor isn’t exactly one to watch his words. All and all, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and look forward to spending more time with these characters but there’s a lot this episode that won’t appeal to people who aren’t interested in the characters or in watching ice skating routines.

Yuri on Ice is available on Crunchyroll.

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  1. An ice skating anime really was a stroke of genius. Like you say, it’s just so beautiful watch and that’s something no amount of Days, Haikyuu, Slam Dunk et all can compete with.

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