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Yuri on Ice Episode 4 Review:

After the show down with Yuri and Yurio (Russian Yuri’s nickname to save confusion), this week we get an episode of preparation and training for the ice-skating season. Both characters are working on their weaknesses and the continued contrast between the two remains a high point for this series rather than a detriment. We also have Yuri choosing his own music and we get some back story which further demonstrates his lack of self-confidence (in case we missed that, but at least we have some consistency in this character). We don’t get to hear the final piece but that’s probably a good thing at this stage given the competition is a long way away and there are a whole bunch of steps before that.

The inclusion of Thai in addition to the occasional English and Russian phrase was a nice add in (despite the fact that everyone predominately speaks Japanese no matter which country they are in). All and all, this episode was pretty solid and had less of those moments that broke the flow, though they are still heavy on ensuring a lot of the dialogue can be taken more than one way. It’s as beautiful as ever though much like the events in the episode, the story is in prep mode and is laying the foundation for future episodes.

However, unlike some other episode 4’s this week, Yuri on Ice managed to flesh out their characters and entertain while getting across the needed information.

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Karandi James

10 thoughts on “Yuri on Ice Episode 4

  1. It definitely marked a key stage in the show and for the audience. Yes, the hot bods and opening theme were all on point, but after four weeks we start needing something more. Fortunately this episode (and future ones, as I’m commenting WEEKS later, aha) show that Yuri on Ice is far from a one trick skater.

    1. Definitely. The show just keeps getting better in the way these characters come across to the audience and are feeling more and more like real people.

  2. They’re indeed building up and fleshing out the characters amazingly. Ryuri’s scenes murdered me, as did that beach scene /chokes
    Also, I like how he’s going from seeing Viktor as an idol, someone unattainable, to getting closer and friendly with him~

  3. I was v happy to see we still get to follow Yurio, and am excited to see Yuri’s development as an artist. I felt like there was less characterization (favorite aspect of the anime) as a result of more training and wasn’t sure what to make of it, but after reading your review I’m starting to think of the whole thing a little differently.

    1. It’s been interesting to see the way different people have responded to episode 4. Some people feel not a lot happened (which is kind of true) but I really felt that the different approaches the characters have taken after the ‘competition’ in episode 3 has really cemented who they are and the journey they are on. I really enjoyed this episode compared to the last one (which was still quite good but the competition took up a lot of the episode and there were some truly strange dialogue choices).

  4. I’ve been more or less happy with the road the show has been taking. It’s been doing exactly what I’ve been hoping for and has yet to stray too much from the aspects that made the first episode so great.

    Shame about that dialogue though… At least it’s yet to reach Kuroko no Basuke levels. I hope it doesn’t haha.

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