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Yuri on Ice Episode 3 Review:

I could continue to say how beautiful this is and how amazing the theme song is and so on and so forth but what I think this episode highlighted for me was the reason why this show hasn’t topped my must watch list. That said, I’m loving it and have no intention of stopping my viewing.

Between the beautifully animated movements, musical interludes, and moments of actual character depth we have some really cringe-worthy dialogue and characters falling back into basic archetypes rather than feeling like real people. These moments are few (only about four cringes for the duration of the episode) but they definitely break me out of the spell this show seems to be trying so hard to cast.

Yuri this week definitely hits a turning point as he finally seems to realise he can actually go after what he wants (just as soon as he fully realises exactly what it is he wants, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Victor is high up on that list of wants). The way the episode explores Yuri’s development is fascinating and the contrast between Yuri and Yurio is brilliant (and at least they aren’t trying to make us hate Yurio in order to make Yuri look better). It’s a good episode and it maintains the high quality of visuals and movement that blew me away in episode 1 but there are definitely things about this that don’t quite sit right for me.

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Karandi James

10 thoughts on “Yuri On Ice Episode 3

  1. I’m with you in that I haven’t really connected with any of the characters as much as I’d like by this point, even if they are likable. The one exception is Yuri (Japanese) when he finds his inspiration in pork cutlet bowls, as I can totally understand being motivated by food! xD (Also I totally want to eat katsudon now.) I’m sticking with it because the skating animations are so gorgeous, and will probably finish it for that alone, but it’s slowly beginning to slip off my must-watch list. 🙁

  2. I’m loving the show because they’re doing a really good job on it, plus Ryuri (Russian Yuri) is an adorable pumpkin and I’m curious to see him grow up. I doubt he’s going to succeed, not because he isn’t the MC, but because he’s still young and inexperienced, but he’s totally going to be fearsome as a skater as he grows more~

  3. It can be hard to see the niggles, at least on the first watch, so it’s good you’re staying objective in your responses. That makes one of us anyway 😛

    1. I’m tryingto avoid being critical for the sake of it but there were a couple of facepalm worthy moments while watching that episode. That said, it’s still really enjoyable to watch.

  4. I love, love, love Yuri on ice but I agree with you; there’s something that’s lacking, something that puts me off slightly about this show and I have no idea what that is.
    And Yurio is pretty awesome! I like him more than Yuri, tbh. Yuri is also nice but I like badass characters who loves leopard prints and did I mention fabulous hair? 😝

  5. Agree! The contrast between Yuri and Yurio’s brilliant! I was quite skeptical when Yurio’s character was first introduced on the pilot episode coz I had the feeling that he’ll totally be someone who’s going to bully Yuri and end up being hated by everyone, but as it turned out, he’s likable in his own unique way! (I like him actually). But yeah……there were moments that felt like….unnecessary ..I don’t know.

    Nice review!

    1. I kind of wish we could have a do-over of Yurio’s entry because it really feels like they were setting him up for one role and then they’ve given him another one. Not that I dislike his role, I actually find him quite interesting.

  6. I think you hit the points that bothered me about this episode. I can’t quite remember at this point, but have a feeling that some of that for me was due to the overemphasis on manservice at some points in the episode, and a few other things that felt out of place. Thanks.

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