Yuri on Ice Episode 12

Victor - Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice Episode 12 Review:

A beautiful ending (or non-ending depending on how you choose to take it) to a beautiful character piece. This show has never been perfect and the final episode is no different. If you look you’ll find things to criticise and that’s fine if that is what you want to do. For me though, I didn’t even remember to get a screen shot and had to go back and rewatch.

I have genuinely loved being on this journey with the characters and this episode gave me exactly what I needed to feel satisfied while leaving just enough space that if they choose to make a sequel it won’t undermine everything that’s already happened. It’s a smart choice like most of the narrative choices that have been made in this series. I can’t wait to try to write a review of the whole show (I think I may be redrafting that for hours).


So what happened? Yuri broke Victor’s heart (probably unintentionally) and then they rebuilt from the ground up over the course of 6 skating routines. It was beautiful. Okay, someone won gold, silver and bronze medals and a world record was beaten but you know I somehow don’t think that was supposed to be the focus.

Yuri on Ice is available on Crunchyroll if you haven’t already checked it out.

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Karandi James

6 thoughts on “Yuri on Ice Episode 12

  1. I can’t wait for your full series review for Yuri, there can never be too little Yuri posts 😻😻😻
    It was so so beautiful, those beautiful gem-like tears, those sparkling eyelashes, yes please.
    Can’t wait for Season 2 😭✨

  2. Anime should have focused more on its yaoi romance than sports, It is not a good sports anime yes it could be a good romance anime, either way, it is a jack of all trades master of none. Unfortunately, it could have been good anime by either completely focusing on romance or completely focusing on sports. Nice to know that there is someone out there who admits the flaws of the show rather than praising it blindly,

    Happy Christmas.

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