Yuri on Ice Episode 11


Yuri on Ice Episode 11 Review:

That was incredibly nail biting, exhilarating, beautiful, and wow  do they know how to keep emotions running high throughout. It might be a bit predictable with Yuri not performing perfectly in the short routine and JJ taking a bit of a stumble. If Yuri had been brilliant again in his short skate there wouldn’t be much tension next week. If JJ had been flawless it would have been impossible to believe anyone could beat him.

The other skaters all did much what we expected, save the one we hadn’t seen which was refreshing. It was also excellent to see Yurio finally skate to his potential. However, what was with that bombshell at the end and where is that going to go next week? I cannot believe we have to wait a week to find out what is going to happen next because I really want to know now.

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Karandi James

3 thoughts on “Yuri on Ice Episode 11

  1. I told myself I wasn’t going to watch this episode until the last one comes out next week, but obviously I ended up watching it and now, have to suffer the week-long wait for the next one. It was quite a cliffhanger…

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