You Have To Step Back To See What’s Really There

Run With The Wind Episode Review Title

Run With The Wind Episode 9 Review

As much as I hate to admit it, Haiji has a point. Kakeru really can’t see what the point of running is anymore, other than getting a great time and winning, and while I kind of get where Kakeru is coming from, given they are in a competition, I really do get where Haiji is coming from. Besides, Kakeru targeting Prince was a low blow. It isn’t as though Prince didn’t know he wasn’t good at running.

Run With The Wind Episode 9

Kakeru being benched this week on Run With The Wind created a chance for the audience to observe the others from a distance as well. While at first most were reluctant to join Haiji in his dream, and many were coerced, the five who competed this week gave it all they had and those who were on the side were moved by their effort and a desire to cheer them on. All and all, the power of the ‘team’ coming together even if none of the runners were successful this time around at getting an official time.

Run With The Wind Episode 9 - Running

Of course, Run With The Wind wasn’t really content just to give us a ‘go team’ kind of message and working at bringing Kakeru back in with the others, despite him being a massive jerk last week and at the start of the episode. Instead we layer in signs that Haiji isn’t as ‘recovered’ as he’d like people to believe and that escalates as the episode continues. Given we still don’t know what actually happened, I’m curious as to what is going on, but the eventual collapse of the team leader was a suitably dramatic end point for the episode.

Run With The Wind Episode 9 Prince

Where this anime shines is that none of the characters feel neglected at this point. It is quite the feat given the sheer number of characters. And while I don’t necessarily like all of them, they are all feeling very authentic and the group as a whole is becoming more and more interesting to watch.

7 thoughts on “You Have To Step Back To See What’s Really There

  1. I never thought I’d grow to enjoy prince as much as I have. I really like to watch him progressively get into running and also becoming a team player. I also felt what he was saying about his manga club. I’ve been in the same situation when I was in skype calls with friends late at night reading manga together way back.

  2. I hadn’t noticed, but you’re right… They’ve been handling the ensemble cast very well. Odd that I hadn’t noticed, because it’s a flaw I often make note of.

    1. They’ve really done a great job. Normally ten guys, all introduced at once wouldn’t work out so well, but they’ve actually managed to build each of them enough that they seem to have a place even if there is still plenty to learn about them.

  3. Yeah this guy can’t attack our dear little cinnamon roll prince. I love the fact that he realized that he isn’t the only one trying. I also loved that no one was able to qualify but they had a positive outlook all the same.
    And that cliff hanger ugh… Now I’m super nervous.

    1. Yeah, attacking Prince was not cool.
      Still, this show did manage to do something interesting with it and I also really liked the positive outlook they came away with. Though I guess all that positivity was why they felt the need to drop us that cliff-hanger just to ensure we knew they didn’t all go happily ever after at this point.

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