WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? Series Review: Someone Save Us From These Titles



This is a story that takes place after the world has ended, humanity has been destroyed, and the species that survive now live on floating islands. However, the beasts still attack and so fairy weapons are kept to use magic swords to fight them. Willem, the only surviving human, is recruited to take care of the fairy weapons only he learns they are young girls who are basically being sent to their deaths.

I reviewed this week to week so if you are interested in my individual episode thoughts click here.


I was not planning on watching this show this season. The excessively long title, the cute characters, everything about it just screamed that this was a light novel train wreck waiting to happen. But I did watch the first episode because I like to give things a go, and amazingly enough the first episode of this show is actually really, really good. There are issues even in that first episode with how the characters are set up and the story being a little bit nebulous, but the delivery is great, the music goes perfectly, and it is just kind of a joy to watch.


Then what happens is we have a whole series of ups and downs. There are some truly spectacular and emotional moments in this series. There are some great character moments. There’s some funny moments. Then there’s a lot of cute girls being cute, long drawn out side stories, too many characters being given focus when they aren’t really needed, an absence of the overall plot feeling like it is progressing, and the main characters just never quite clicking into their assigned roles. The show is working hard, I’ll give it credit for that, but there’s a lot of moments during the series where dropping seems like a perfectly fine option because while this never gets to terrible, there’s a lot of episodes that aren’t good.


Then we get to the final episode and it is like that first episode all over again. You could walk away and feel great that you made it through, stuck it out, and that it was all worth it. And really, it is. Not watching week to week, this show would be signficantly better because a lot of that fluffing about in the middle wouldn’t feel so drawn out and the bits of narrative would feel closer together. Not to mention, you would get that excellent ending so much earlier and you probably wouldn’t be trying to pick it to pieces.

So I’m left wondering if I enjoyed this series overall or not.


I’m going with yes. For all that there are definitely lows in this series and they probably could have halved the character count and actually ended up with a more focussed story, I really did enjoy spending time with Willem and Chtholly. Okay, part of my enjoyment comes from just how broken both of these characters are inside even while they smile and joke and try to carry everyone else (I really do have a thing for characters like this and I’ve never understood why but if I lined up my favourite characters they would all be very broken people). But part of my enjoyment comes from the fact that they are characters that you want to know more about and you want to see them somehow get through what they are facing even when you know they aren’t going to. While the romance aspect didn’t work so well for me with these two, I definitely feel the two connected and needed one another and that worked really well and made the final all the more satisfying.

Oh and did I mention the music. The music is a real selling point for this one.


However, I’m certain I said this somewhere in my write ups while watching this, I feel that now that the show is done, I’d like a different team to take it apart, cut out all the excess and unnecessary bits, and put together that much better story that runs through the whole thing. It would end up half the length but I think it could be spectacular. Those moments are there already, but they are getting buried beneath average sequences and scenes and scenes that are good but have no purpose here (and while they might be setting up later events for the story, they don’t do anything for the narrative in this series).


Overall, I’d definitely recommend trying this but just know going in that this show is very uneven in its tone and delivery. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, smiling, crying, nodding along in one sequence and in another you’ll just be sitting back wondering when they are going to get back to something that matters (and please can something squish the green fairy girl now, I don’t want to go shopping with her again).

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Karandi James

12 thoughts on “WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? Series Review: Someone Save Us From These Titles

  1. I also skipped out on World End this season. The premise seemed really interesting to me, but like you mentioned, I’m not sure if I’ll care for the whole romance between the leads. The show kinda reminded me of Planetarian, which I loved, so maybe I’ll give it a shot. Convincing review!

    1. I think the biggest issue this show has is when it is good, it really draws you in and it makes the bits that are just kind of okay seem pretty flat by comparison. It probably just needed more consistency across its different aspects to really make it work. That said, still mostly enjoyable.

  2. if I lined up my favourite characters they would all be very broken people

    Oh, what a coincidence. Mine are quite the broken ones too, though more on the… crazier side.

    I enjoyed it overall, but the ending alongside the amazing insert song(s) that kicked in during that scene greatly improved the whole show for me. Really, I’m quite the sucker for these kinds of endings I suppose. A tad too much focus on lizards’ romance in my opinion too though.

    By the way, funnily enough, the sequel of the LN series supposedly has the green loli fairy as main character (haven’t read it, but the first volume has her grown up showing on the cover, thus, I can only speculate so).

      1. Yeah, it was so effective on me, that I think I’ll try to read the LN as many details weren’t put in it seems. Not to mention, I want to try the sequel too.

  3. This was a great series and I am not ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby at the end. It’s yet another lesson to us that you cannot judge a book by its cover, and in this case, do not judge a anime series by it’s title and genre.
    While it definitely wasn’t the greatest, it left one of the biggest emotional holes in me from Spring 2017.
    And till this day, when I hear Scarborough Fair(anime version) and think back to the anime, I still get the feels.
    The light novel, from what I’ve heard, is much much better as they were able to world build more and better and characters were developed more. Not to mention it is complete and there is a sequel novel even.
    When I get the time, I am definitely going to give the light novel a shot too.
    Thanks for this great review!

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