WorldEnd Episode 8



This episode felt long. I know it went the same length of time as every other episode but honestly when this got to the midway point I had to wonder why it wasn’t already finished as it felt like I’d been watching forever.


Turns out the destroyed ship from last week with the two fairies we had never heard of was investigating the city Willem was born in. Why that might be significant I have no idea because it isn’t as though we’ve been told that anything started there or that it might be a place of significance. Apparently they found a sword there that Willem thinks might help Chtholly but to be honest she seems pretty happy just floating around on a pseudo date with him.


Seriously this show has an interesting concept and there have been some truly great moments but there is so much of this mundane drag in between and as we move toward the end of the series it feels less and less okay and more like needless filler.

In case we were considering passing on any more of this series though, the last five minutes once again decides to hook us in and it does a very good job of that by actually making the situation feel as dramatic as it probably should be. Honestly, I have no idea at this point if I like this show or not.

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2 thoughts on “WorldEnd Episode 8

  1. I’m pissed at myself that I forgot to mention those 2 girls in my analysis of the series so far. Their existence is so sudden that it just doesn’t make sense. Willem was charged for taking care of these girls and the “government” doesn’t tell him of these 2 dispatched fairy soldiers.. Even though it’s HIS job to know about them. That just tells me the head honchos clearly don’t know what their doing and this “World” was doomed to “End” from the start.

    1. It doesn’t make sense that he isn’t told by his boss nor does it make sense that none of the other fairies have ever mentioned their friends who are out on a mission. It’s all just strange and kind of puts a few holes in the world building this show has attempted (not that there weren’t other holes but they were ones that could be ignored if you chose to do so).

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