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We are introduced to two new fairies this week (though this show can’t decide if they are fairies, leprechauns or spirits at this point and seem to use the terms more or less interchangeably depending on how cryptic they’d like to be at the time).  They don’t get a lot of time in the spotlight, mostly at the beginning and the end, and mostly they don’t leave much of a lasting impression other than the fact that one of them likes to read books that might be text books, fairy tales or prophecies and really doesn’t seem to know the difference.

Most of the rest of the episode seems to be dealing with Ctholly and her recovery from you know nearly losing her mind. Nothing that cake, a few tears, and the encouragement of becoming a bride can’t fix. There’s definitely something more going on with the red hair so I’m guessing her former life isn’t going to just give up that easily, but they don’t spend a lot of time on that in this episode. We also have the added concern of not knowing if Ctholly will be able to fight anymore and whether or not that will matter to the military who may still dispatch her to fight a beast.

I’ve said it before but this show has got some real promise and some episodes have been very good, but this one spent a lot of time just kind of waffling along and didn’t really seem to accomplish much of anything.

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One thought on “WorldEnd Episode 7

  1. At this point, it honestly just seems the show is trying to employ just enough so you can’t outright call an episode filler. But my main issue remains, it is so inconsistent and light that you can’t feel anything from this show. It seems unwilling to hit its audience hard and really take you to a place to be in your feelings about what is going on.

    Which is starting to get frustrating. Especially since, you can kind of tell, someone thought the moments would be emotional to somebody. It’s just the animation, sometimes, doesn’t portray the seriousness of the moment. If not the dialog doesn’t do the animation justice.

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