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WorldEnd as a series continues to run incredibly hot and cold. There are some truly amazing moments and well delivered scenes where everything just falls perfectly into place complete with atmospheric music. Then there’s all the stuff in between where you wonder if you are even watching the same show.


This episode was no exception to that conflict that’s been bugging me since episode 2. While Willem reuiniting with someone who knew him from 500 years ago certainly allowed for some timely flashbacks, some new information about how the world came to be the way it is, as well as a few obvious conspiracies thrown in, it also opened up some poor comedy choices and some fairly lack lustre characterisation.


As such, it was the plot built around Chtholly that stole the emotions this week even if the early threads of this plot didn’t exactly make it seem that fascinating. I will give her this, she certainly makes the most creepy visions unlike Willem’s earlier luke-warm effort at traumatic nightmares.


While the ending of this sequence was ultimately predictable, it was emotionally rewarding even as it opened up yet more questions than it answered about the fairies and the world.

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2 thoughts on “WorldEnd Episode 6

  1. I found this episode borderline ridiculous. The being that you killed, yet respects you for being able to do so, you are joking around with now? Chtholly’s visions were some weird blending of paint in which a kid was basically playing “I Spy?” It is like every step forward this show takes emotionally, with giving us some real action and building up the world, it finds some way to taint it. Not necessarily ruin it, but definitely make it seem like the writers/ animators were still experimenting with how they want to handle this story.

    1. They really don’t know what they want from this story do they? We go up and down from emotional and dramatic to eye roll worthy in the blink of an eye and they’ve tried that many different things now. This show remains interesting but at the end of the season, I think looking at the whole anime, it isn’t going to get a very favourable overall review because it just lacks any kind of cohesion.

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