WorldEnd Episode 5



Well we did get a flash back of the fight on island 15 which revealed a new enemy other than the one they were already fighting. But why spend time worrying about that when there is sightseeing and the luring of cliché gang bosses to be had.


Seriously. What was the point of this interlude? And Willem’s solution?

Back away from the crazy person.

Anyway, after all of the silly antics of eating food, seeing famous lizard movie spots and then taking out some really terrible villains of the week this show gets to a point with Chtholly admitting she’s in love with Willem before he gets asked by some other military guy to go with him. Willem of course refused but then the guy drops some random name into the conversation. It’s possible we’ve heard it before and equally possible we haven’t, but Willem pretty much ditches the girls at that point. He does promise Chtholly he’ll return but let’s be honest, they weren’t exactly being subtle in showing him looking away from her when he made that promise and we know how well it went the first time a girl asked him to promise to return.

This show continues to be enjoyable enough to watch. It hasn’t really lived up to its first episode at any point since, but it is working well enough even if at times it feels a bit flat.

Side note, Willem got slapped by another girl this episode. You would think he’d learn to at least dodge by now.

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