WorldEnd Episode 4



My criticism of this series is probably going to be the same for the rest of its run (unless it does something truly horrendous). There’s actually some really interesting elements to the world and the story here, unfortunately they are shrouded underneath layers of light novel tropes that just don’t seem to fit into the basic premise for the show.


This episode really feels like it wants to tear itself in half and it seems like that was a deliberate choice to create contrast between the happy sightseeing and occasional fan-service moments (did we really need to see her check up, really, did it add anything?) and the darker moments as Willem tries to settle his fears for Chtholly and the rest of the fairies who have gone to fight. I quite like Willem’s character (despite his more generic moments) and the dreams he’s having, flashes of anxiety, and the rest as well as his near shut down when given ambiguous (or false) information were all interesting within this episode.


And while I appreciate that seeing him put a smile on for the younger fairy and try to distract her is a nice contrasting point, it really all feels like padding as ultimately this episode reveals one more fact about the fairies themselves and that lizard romance stories are popular at the cinema, before we finally get the point. And even then, what might be a touching and dramatic moment is kind of shattered with the most standard of tropes as the girl slaps him across the face without any real provocation.

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