WorldEnd Episode 3



With the exception of one scene early on where there’s an intentionally misleading comment about Willem sleeping with one of the girls, this episode actually dialed the fan-service moments way back down and instead finally turned its attention to Willem.


He’s a decidedly level headed individual really first looking through old records and then assisting in teaching a better way to use the magic sword thing (Dug weapon or whatever they want to call it – though it was very cool when he was putting on the light show with it at the end). We learn a tiny bit more about how a supposedly extinct member of the human race is still wandering around but other than answering how he managed to still be around 500 years after they lost the war, we still know little about his actual life. The episode ends with the girls heading off for what should have been a life-ending mission however there’s a chance they’ll survive now (and thank goodness we were spared the training montage).

I really enjoyed this episode. Things moved along nicely, we got the information we needed, a few touching moments, a couple of smiles, and some actual character development. You can’t really ask for more in a show like this.

WorldEnd is available on Crunchyroll.

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