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As a single episode, this particular one is not impressive. Then again, episode 1, while highly entertaining and beautiful, didn’t really give us any details of the girls or what they were doing. Episode 2 fills in those gaps, but the end result is a lot of exposition and slightly flat dialogue. Despite that, episode 2 manages to find its moments of charm particularly early on as Willem works to win the girls over as most of the children are outright avoiding him to start with.


The way it builds up to Willem understanding that the girls aren’t ‘normal’ (by whatever means he uses to judge) works well and while the dialogue isn’t great, it does the job and we more or less get the situation the girls are in by the end of the episode. With the exception of the final sequence where Chtholly basically has an orgasm after receiving a massage from Willem, they are keeping the overtly fanservice moments minimised considering the set up and the cast.

Despite this episode being weaker, i’m still quite hopeful for the story as this world gets more fleshed out.

WorldEnd (SukaSuka) is available on Crunchyroll.

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2 thoughts on “WorldEnd Episode 2

  1. It certainly helped to set up what is coming. It is interesting to see mythical creatures like the girls who are indeed leprechauns and Chtholly being a fairy. But yeah the dialogue (and at times this episode) did feel a little flat at times.

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