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I’ve definitely come to the conclusion during the course of watching this show that Willem is an idiot. A well intentioned, hard working, fairly knowledgable, idiot. He’s already understood that things don’t work out for him and that the world is not that kind. He’s already come to terms with failing to succeed at something even when he sets his mind to it. And yet, for some reason he seems to think that making grandiose promises with the girl he’s been treating like a child will somehow result in a happy future for anyone.


The only positive to come out of this is that Willem’s inner voice manifests himself as a younger version of Willem and essentially tears apart the flimsy rationales that Willem’s been clinging to. Go tiny Willem delusion.

And then they seem determined to throw us into a final battle like sequence even though there’s been pretty much no build up, we don’t actually know why there are so many beasts attacking, and the second airship broke and they couldn’t escape quickly because you know, plot.


As much as The Royal Tutor has been a pleasant surprise this season, WorldEnd has mostly been a downward spiral of disappointment, made worse by what it could have been. Anyway, one episode to go.

WorldEnd is available on Crunchyroll.

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5 thoughts on “WorldEnd Episode 11

    1. Coming in a bit. My viewing is a little off at the moment because I don’t have reliable access to internet while travelling.

      1. Well that maybe a sign you’re supposed to disconnect maybe? I know next month I’ll probably be in the same position. Just taking time off and maybe just scheduling posts.

        1. That’s why I am doing the 30 day challenge and reviewing older anime. I knew that I likely wouldn’t be able to stream regularly while travelling.

  1. I figure that Elq has something to do with all the beasts showing up. Perhaps with her death or Sailor-Moon esque crystal imprisonment, now the beast are all protecting her? There is a lot missing explanation here and while a few minutes into the finale, I’m still lost.

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