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Review (Spoiler warning for the second half of the episode in case you haven’t watched):

We’ve come a long way and nowhere in this series. While the reveals were coming thick and fast this episode it also indulged in one of my pet hates. Flash backs within the episode. If a character says something at the start of the episode, please assume I can remember it for twenty minutes. I don’t need a dramatic pause and then a full flash back of the character saying it again.


If it is that important, make sure it sticks the first time. It would be different if this was a conversation heard say three episodes ago. Even then, given how little actual information we have and how much cutesy filler there has been, it is unlikely we’d forget a question about the beasts that had yet to be answered.


And yet, this show lingers over Willem’s revelation even as the audience rolls their eyes at how laborious they are making this. We’d more or less figured this one out on our own from previous half complete exposition and Willem’s overwrought reaction to something he’s ignored even looking for an answer to, as well as the drawn out nature of the scene, just kind of makes the whole thing almost amusing.

Until he asks Chtholly to marry him. Boy that came out of nowhere given how their relationship has seemed mostly one sided in the romantic department up until now. More importantly, could you raise a more obvious death flag. Maybe we should be saying our goodbye’s to Chtholly’s personality right here and now except that I doubt this show will actually follow through with destroying who she is. Regardless of how they save her it is going to feel like a cheap plot device but that’s more or less what I’m expecting from this show at this point.

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2 thoughts on “WorldEnd Episode 10

  1. The weird thing about this show is, as much as you roll your eyes, it knows where the line is. It makes sure it is never so terrible you want to drop it, but never tries achieving that high it once had. It just strings you along and tugs a bit when it knows it is losing you. Mostly thanks to Chtholly and Willem’s relationship it keeps trying to make a thing.

    Which, after the latest episode, I am having more and more of a issue accepting.

    1. I’d have to agree. It knows just how much we’ll put up with and still not drop a show and it walks that line very well.

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