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So humans have been wiped out except for Willem (so the synopsis tells me) and there are weapons known as fairy weapons. I’m going to be honest, I went in blind and while episode 1 throws a lot of ideas at us I’m still not exactly sure where this plans to go.


It’s always fun when I start an episode thinking I’ve got an instant drop and I end up totally immersed. There’s a lot of cute in this episode and normally that would send me running the opposite direction, that and the fairly generic everything including characters who seem to not want to draw attention to themselves and then dress incredibly conspicuously.


That said, the introduction to this is action packed and makes you wonder how we’re getting to that (or was that a flashback because there was no context given), the music is beautiful as is the town we spend a great deal of time running through. The world these characters are in is intriguing (though at this point a little ambiguous but hopefully ends up well realised).

But mostly, Willem is fascinating me. He clearly used some power to catch the falling girl (okay, at least the seventh cliche the show threw at the audience in the first ten minutes) and the post credits flashback shows that he was somehow involved in the war 500 years ago (explanation coming?) and we also get this line of dialogue:


So clearly not frail or powerless so what exactly is his deal? Admittedly if they told us everything in episode 1 we’d be drowning in an exposition dump and there would be no reason to come back.


We then meet the girls who I assume are the fairy weapons and there chorused voices nearly did me in but again the show refrains from crossing from cute into obnoxious so we’ll see if they can manage that again next week.

Basically I loved this first episode from start to finish. Lots of questions and a bit generic in some of the fantasy ideas but a few original thoughts get thrown in and grabbed my attention and some of the characters have been quite interesting.

Not sure where I stand on the troll.

WorldEnd is available on Crunchyroll.

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19 thoughts on “WorldEnd Episode 1


    I’m really happy that this episode was enjoyable to you. I pretty much feel the same too down to the bits on Willem here.

    On a side note: It’s cool to see you in The Pedantic Romantic’s latest video

    1. I’m kind of glad someone mentioned that on Twitter or I likely would have missed that altogether.
      I’m really hoping Willem turns out to be as interesting as he could be and doesn’t just become nice-guy protagonist who is super strong and protects the girls.

  2. I had seen this one, and the end of world theme always draws my attention to it. After reading this, I am definitely going to watch it now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it 😊

    1. Still a little unsure whether this will be any good as a series, but in terms of first episodes it was quite the surprisingly good watch.

  3. What a nice harem.
    Anyway, after reading this, I really want to know more about this and just makes me have so many questions I must get answered.
    Sadly i’m trying my best to finish my list so this is going to have to wait Dx.

    1. Since i can’t edit my comment I just wanted to say.
      Before I forget again, I have been having a visitor from Australia stuck in the home page for a long time and rarely goes into any other page. Gee I wonder who is that person that has it still open for who knows what reason.

        1. In my website there has been a viewer from Australia that only shows up in the Homepage, so i’m wondering who’s the person that accidentally left the tab open and ever time just leaves it open there.
          And in your Patreon in your summary it says you are from Australia so It reminded me of this specific situation.

  4. I also didn’t expect this to be good, but I really liked the first episode. Still waiting on more explanation on what’s going on, but the atmosphere was more than enough for me to want to see more.

    1. Yes, more explanation is definitely needed and the show may lose some of its appeal depending on how those explanations are delivered and what they are, but the first episode was interesting.

  5. I just watched this about 30 minuets ago, it’s music and tone were very cinematic to me. I was instantly pulled in by that I really hope this goes somewhere (preferably somewhere dark)

    1. Given the opening sequence, it looks at least like its going to get violent though I’m not sure about dark. Still, pleasantly surprising first episode. Much stronger than anticipated.

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