Words of Wisdom – May Recap

One month of blogging and I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far. To mark the end of the month I just wanted to reshare some of my favourite quotes that I posted throughout May.

Thanks to everyone who has visited 100WordAnime during my first month.

6 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom – May Recap

  1. Ditto. It’s just frustrating that I can only do a maximum of 1 post per 2 days for now =_= I need to get into that level wherein you watch something, then you post about it right away but nope. 12 hours a day at work is a killer.

    1. Absolute agreement. I got home after 11 hours today and am feeling like I got off easy. An extra anime episode for me tonight.

    1. Thanks for that. I really want to make this blog somewhere people visit to discuss anime and I’m having a great time meeting other bloggers who are similarly creating spaces for people to share their views.

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