Words of Wisdom

Some more insights from anime characters.


Firstly today Hikigaya. I love some of his logic and rationalizations. Even when they are awful there is always a grain of truth hidden inside and that kind of makes it all the more tragic.

kaji copy

I’m going to agree with this quote. Particularly insightful given how little of Evangelion can be understood on a first watch through.


This one just resonates with me.

Okay, this week my selection isn’t really uplifting. But I like that all of these quotes come from characters who are taking on their challenges in a matter of fact manner and even though they might have negative undertones, none of these characters gave up.

One thought on “Words of Wisdom

  1. I always found Hachiman’s quotes to be wonderfully provocative – his sentiments were brutally honest and pragmatic within the scope of his own warped world-view. Certainly an interesting investigation into somebody who acts through a very tangible yet woefully subjective set of ideologies.

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