Words of Wisdom

I mentioned at the end of June that I was going to only post Words of Wisdom once a week. Today I have three quotes to share from some of my favourite characters.


First from Athrun (Gundam Seed/Destiny). I really like this quote because it is true. Just because I understand where someone is coming from doesn’t mean I will accept their viewpoint. Understanding isn’t enough sometimes.


Secondly, from Linda (Golden Time). Okay, this one just relates to my real life at the moment. While not every thought you have needs to stream out of your mouth, there are some things you just need to say.


Lastly, from Hampnie Hambart (Sunday Without God). I’m guessing this advice isn’t true in Dazai’s case (Bungo Stray Dogs) but the rest of us would probably do well to remember it.

Do you have a favourite quote you’d like to share?

One thought on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Yes… From my hero Kenshin Himura: You can always die, but “living” takes real courage..

    A good reminder for those who wants to commit suicide…

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