Wolf’s Rain Series Review

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Wolf’s Rain Overview:

In Wolf’s Rain there’s a legend that says when the end of the world comes paradise will appear but only wolves will know how to find it. Wolves are believed to have been hunted to extinction but they are still living by hiding amongst the human population (using illusions to conceal themselves). Drawn by a strange scent, four wolves have gathered in a city and will now begin their quest to find paradise.

Wolf’s Rain Review:

Wolf’s Rain is one of those anime that will either draw you straight in and keep you enthralled from start to finish or have you raising your eyebrow and wondering what you are watching. For me, I was enthralled. The opening theme, the animation, the characters, everything was just perfect. Okay, the plot get’s a little convoluted at times but right from the start there is a clear destination and while we divert occasionally we are always heading toward that finishing point. This is an anime I strongly recommend watching if you haven’t seen it.


The group of wolves that we meet are fantastic. They don’t just naturally get together into a group. They each have all of the baggage you would expect from ostracised individuals who have been living in hiding and faced isolation and betrayal before and yet they each deal with it in unique ways. They regularly clash in their views and yet still inherently understand that they need each other.

The other thing I love about the characters is that the writers weren’t so attached to any of them that you could rest assured that all the characters were going to make it through every situation just because they were the main characters. That added an extra level of tension and realism to the story. But they also don’t go around callously knocking off every character just after you get to know them.


I genuinely loved the mythology constructed by this story. It tells it’s story or legend at the start and the events fit into it so smoothly and yet it doesn’t feel like we already know the outcome. The wolves who could give the illusion of humanity and Cheza as the one leading them to paradise just work so well both as characters and as clear plot elements. It all just fit together really nicely and there didn’t seem a lot of reason to clutter the story any further.


That said, it would have been nice if just occasionally the human characters hadn’t been totally driven by self-interest, greed or prejudice. The audience get it fairly early on that humans are foolish creatures, we don’t need to have our noses rubbed in it literally every time a human character takes the screen.

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Alright, there’s a lot more I could say about this show, but to be honest I don’t want to spoil it. Any further details about the characters will take away the fun of getting to know them and the plot is kind of obvious from the start but there are some interesting moments that are kind of better if you go in blind.

Not much of a review but this is a great anime. The story is a little slow at times but it builds well and tells a cohesive story. There are some really emotional moments and if you are caught up in the story they’ll really stick with you after you finish watching.

If you’ve seen Wolf’s Rain let me know your thoughts below. If you haven’t seen it, give it a go.

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Karandi James

13 thoughts on “Wolf’s Rain Series Review

  1. This has been on my radar for so long but I didn’t make the effort to look into it. Guess I’ll have to search for he DVD now because I’m more curious than ever.

  2. I need to preface this comment by saying that Wolf’s Rain is one of my all-time favourite anime (we’re talking top ten here), so I got a little giddy when I saw your review pop up in my inbox. So thanks for writing it!

    It’s true that the plot gets convoluted at times, which wasn’t helped as I originally watched some of the episodes out of order. I was so confused! But as it’s been 10 years or more since I first watched it, it all adds to its charm and intrigue.

    The last few episodes utterly destroyed me. Apart from a certain scene in Hunter x Hunter and the burning of Going Merry in One Piece, I’ve never cried so hard at an anime before.

  3. I watched Wolf’s Rain a few months back with my younger brother and thought it was pretty good. I really enjoyed he character interactions and music of the series the most. Unfortunately, Wolf’s Rain is a bit dated and moves fairly slowly so it can be hard for people to get into. Fee like this show would have a bit more of a following otherwise.

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