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This one isn’t a review as I haven’t watched this series recently. What brought it up was that this title was recently added on AnimeLab.

It’s about a girl named Erika who, like the boy who cried wolf, talks to her new classmates about her wonderful boyfriend even though she doesn’t have one. When cornered, she shows them a picture on her phone of a guy she randomly photographed in town however it turns out he’s actually going to the same school. Instead of fessing up at this point, Erika has to convince Kyoya to play along but it turns out he’s just a little bit of a sadist.

I’m really interested in how people have responded to the relationship in this anime. While I get that stories aren’t real like and not every relationship represented is going to be sunshine and roses, I can’t help but feel that this anime really hits the wrong notes from the start.

What really annoys about this anime, is that Erika can stop the emotional abuse she is going through at any time. All she has to do is tell the truth. And what is the worst thing that will happen from telling the truth? Her lame non-friends will probably laugh at her and then move on and she can try to make real friends. Watching Erika jumping through Kyoya’s hoops is irritating and her absolute lack of backbone as a human being is slightly depressing. The anime then tries to cast Kyoya in a sympathetic light and while (if you ignore everything that has happened before) it might even be successful, it doesn’t justify what he puts Erika through earlier in the anime.

So, if you’ve seen it, let me know what you thought below.

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  1. I’ve actually watched this a while back and I’m surprised that it didn’t annoy me nor did I hate it. Looking back, it’s a pretty bad representation of relationships and I guess in a way, it’s teaching you that it’s better to tell the truth than to lie. It does irritate me now with how the male character (forgot his name) is treating the female lead as this dog or item that can be bossed around at will. That’s a pretty bad concept to teach to society especially for those who are young and watching this series.

    1. Even having a character doing something like treating someone like a dog wouldn’t be a problem if the series in some way villified him, but they actually make him out to be sympathetic. That’s where it gets just a little bit too much.

  2. I haven’t seen this, but tbh it sounds like an interesting concept that a creator could dive into on the subject of wanting to be excepted in a peer group so badly, depression/anxiety etc etc. Your thoughts doesn’t sound like it does any of that though, and just reading them made me feel queezy thinking about this being in something as wide spread as anime.

    1. No, the anime certainly doesn’t try to address Erika’s underlying issues. While her one actual friend initially tells her to break up that plot thread just kind of vanishes and never goes anywhere.

  3. I’ve been wanting to write a blogpost on this. Soon, I hope. Anyhow, I really don’t get why so many readers are tickled pink with Kyouya’s antics. I’m actually horrified and really p*ssed at his behavior.

    I’ve read the manga from Day one so many years ago, and watched the anime recently. The anime is less nasty.

    1. I’m looking forward to your post, let me know when it’s up. If he’s nastier in the manga how on earth could you classify that as a romance?

  4. I watched this series a while back and found it hilariously but I remember I stopped watching because I’d had enough or erika’s crap she pulled half the time. But since then I have been meaning to revisit and complete this series, I believe it’s coming on DVD or is up for preorder in australia right now so….well there will go some of my money shamefully to say.

    Shining Kyoya in a good light just swung me the wrong way as clearly he is just a real asshole and Erika’s not being honest attuide got real old and I just laughed when her friends laughed at her. Yet I still found myself entertained by this train wreck of shoujo lol

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