Winter 2018 Week 8

winter 2018

And week 8 draws to a close with the weaker shows crumbling under their own weaknesses and the stronger shows consolidating what they do well. Yes, we are turning into the final part of the season and while some shows will continue on, many of these will soon be wrapping up.

Which leads me to the question of whether there were any decent villains in this season and I’m really struggling to think of any. What about you? Come across any decent villains in the line up this season?

And for something a little different, and because I’m trying to get better and speaking in preparation for my next patrons podcast which should come out mid-March and will hopefully feature some of my favourite mecha anime if I can get my act together and stop freezing in front of the microphone, I’m experimenting with recording my thoughts on what I watched this week. It is a bit rough and I think if I’m going to continue this long term I’m going to need to move these overviews to Saturday evening to give me more time to work on it, but feedback is appreciated. I will apologise in advance for my accent and for my pronunciation of any anime titles because they are probably dreadful.


Must Watch

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 (Episode 38)

No new episode.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (Episode 7)

Another story begins and this time the focus is on the hacker. I like that this show keeps bringing something fresh to the table even as it builds on what it has already delivered. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this story develops.


Usually Entertaining

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Episode 20)

I kind of thought Chise’s life was already in danger of running out prematurely but now they seemed to have accelerated her demise. I’m not sure how this will play out but I do know that as pretty as this show is, problems with pacing persist.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (Episode 8)

The plot thickens and coincidences abound so I wonder if we are getting any closer to an actual reveal about what is really going on. Still, cute magic, cute moment with Syaoran and Sakura, and new character wearing a very nice suit.


Okay, I Guess

DARLING in the FRANXX (Episode 7)

And it finally dropped down out of ‘Usually Entertaining’ to ‘Okay, I Guess’. There’s an easy way for this show to move back up. Actually explain something. While I get delaying all the information and building up to a reveal, something needed to be revealed this week and we were given nothing. That isn’t suspense or intrigue, at this point it is just frustrating. It is hard to enjoy a show when the plot is frustrating you more than giving you something to be interested in. Anyway, my review of this episode is up for patrons only and it gets into more detail about what this episode did, or didn’t, do.

Spiritpact Season 2 (Episode 1)

I wasn’t expecting this to start up mid-season (or at all, how this managed to get a second season I still don’t know). Honestly, the show is still objectively terrible but if you happen to really like supernatural romance featuring two boys and the terrible visuals and appalling use of comedy in season one wasn’t enough to put you off, season 2 is here and continuing the story of Tanmoku and Keika and I’m pretty happy about that.

Kokkoku (Episode 8)

I finally have an antagonist to care about this season. That’s actually been more challenging to find than it seems with most shows either being antagonist/villain free or having not yet revealed their actual villain. It is all a little disappointing for those of us who really enjoy a good bad guy. So Sagawa from Kokkoku is kind of a breath of fresh air and I kind of hope he continues his fleshing out that he’s been getting over the past couple of episodes.

School Babysitters (Episode 8)

This week was laugh out loud stupidly cute and if they could nail that every week this show would shoot up the rankings fast. I have a very weird sense of humour and so when I find something that genuinely makes me laugh I tend to really appreciate it.

How to Keep A Mummy (Episode 7)

Zany and fun, this one just continues to do what it does well and deliver adorable bite sized moments. If there is a winner this season for show that managed to overturn my expectations, this would be it. Who would have thought of a cute mummy?

DamePri Anime Caravan (Episode 8)

While this was a better episode than the hot springs fiasco, the final moments of the episode certainly don’t help me have a lot of confidence in this show ending well. In fact, I’m almost certain this is going to go downhill. Still, time will tell, and in the meantime we had cute child-sized Princes during this episode. Mare and Teo definitely won for being adorable.

Record of Grancrest War (Episode 8)

Possibly the only reason this show isn’t lower on the list is I still kind of hope we get back to doing something cool, like fighting the demon things, using some magic, and maybe seeing Theo actually achieve his goal of protecting his home land. Wishful thinking and I’m probably going to be disappointed. Episode 8 tells us the backstory of Alexis and Marine’s romance, just in case anyone was interested.

Junji Ito Collection (Episode 8)

And the lack of satisfaction in the viewing experience continues with the second story of episode 8 perhaps being the low point so far for this series. Any hopes or expectations of a decent horror are kind of crushed at this point so I’m mostly just hoping this remains intriguing, but episode 8 even fell short on that.

Sanrio Boys (Episode 8)

If Kouta does not make a decision next episode I’m pretty certain I’m dropping this down a category. While the show started out pleasantly enough, they clearly only had enough actual ideas for about four episodes and now they are just stretching out a paper-thin premise in order to stuff in more shots of merchandise. Cute merchandise, but still definitely thinly disguised advertising.


They Made This?

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody (Episode 7)

Congratulations Death March, you are the only show I kept on my watch list this season that has managed to make me question why you even exist. I get that this is a light novel adaptation and that the events are being followed faithfully, but there is no excuse for being dull. If you are going to adapt something from one form to another, think about how the story will work with the new medium and don’t just try to give us an audio book with some bad art work to accompany it, which is more or less what this last episode became.


Tried and Dropped (or on hold)

  • Maerchen Maedchen (Episode 3)
  • Hakyuu Houshin Engi (Episode 2)
  • A Place Further Than The Universe (Episode 1)
  • Hakumei and Mikochi (Episode 1)
  • Katana Maidens ~Toji no Miko (Episode 2)
  • Laid-Back Camp (Episode 1)
  • Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles (Episode 1)
  • Citrus (Episode 1)
  • Mitsuboshi Colors (Episode 1)
  • Slow Start (Episode 1)
  • The Ryou’s Work is Never Done (Episode 1)
  • Working Buddies! (Episode 1)
  • Karakai Jozu no Takagi-San (Episode 1)
  • Mitchiri Neko (Episode 1)
  • Pop Team Epic (Episode 1)

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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11 thoughts on “Winter 2018 Week 8

  1. Listening to you talk about the shows you’ve watched during the past week was a real treat. What a pleasant voice!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for that. I’m going to try to put another one together next week as I really do need the practice. The first three attempts ended in me freezing, speaking really strangely or too quietly.
      I think I just need to get more comfortable and that is only going to come through practice.

    1. Thanks very much. There’s a few background sounds I couldn’t eliminate this time so I’m going to keep working on that.

  2. “I will apologise in advance for my accent and for my pronunciation of any anime titles because they are probably dreadful.”

    You did a really good job and you sounded good!

    1. Thank you. I appreciate that. I’m still kind of killing Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. No matter how many times I practice saying it I get stuck on that name. Though DamePri was just as bad in this instance.

  3. Boy! I’m getting chills from the antagonist from Kokkoku.

    I’m with you on the FranXX and whether beach episode is really needed. I’m liking the show but there’s this feeling that I’ve been had by my ‘taste’. It’s like both A1 and Trigger committed mental terrorism to the anime community, targeting a certain faction of fans.

    To my surprise, you sound less Aussie than I imagined you to be haha. It is actually very convenient as I’ve written this comment as an instant response. Also, you do sound like someone who can talk about anime all night lol!

    1. That’s why I worry about my accent. Even other Australians tell me its a bit weird (even though I grew up in QLD my whole life and didn’t leave the country even for a holiday until I was an adult).
      I’d love to talk about anime forever if I could. The issue is finding someone to talk with who wants to have a conversation about it.

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