Winter 2018 Week 7

Week 7 is an odd week for anime seasons. It is usually at this point that I experience buyer’s remorse (or rather, watcher’s remorse) when I think about the titles I might have picked up and some of the ones I did keep on my watch list that maybe I should have let go. That said, there have been some fun shows this season and it is always fun catching up with what people are thinking about the current season.

So be sure to let me know in the comments if you are watching a show you wish you had dropped.


Must Watch

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 (Episode 38)

No new episode.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (Episode 6)

I’m not going to use the word perfect, but this show is extremely good at what it wants to do. While it may not be as deep and meaningful as some, it is highly entertaining and great fun with a story that continues to show off just how well thought out some of the plot points are. All and all, this is one show I am very glad I picked up this season.


Usually Entertaining

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Episode 19)

This continues to build on the story of the kidnapped dragons and once again we’ve taken a turn for the serious. I’m hopeful that this story gets some proper development and a resolution isn’t rushed because there’s a lot of potential in the set up.

DARLING in the FRANXX (Episode 6)

Well, that was dramatic. It did finally resolve whether Hiro would survive his third ride or not but what it didn’t do was offer any explanations as to how or why. Reminder, this one is being reviewed for patrons only this season.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (Episode 7)

This episode kind of hit all the points that I have ever loved about Cardcaptor and just really worked for me. It was fun, full of magic, and the focus was on Sakura, Tomoyo and Syaoran without the other school friends around. Really good episode this week.


Okay, I Guess

Kokkoku (Episode 7)

This is coming together now. It isn’t there yet but the last two episodes have shown a marked improvement and I’m really hopeful this can continue because a strong ending to this mystery would see this anime rise into the entertaining category.

School Babysitters (Episode 7)

In a stronger season, I probably wouldn’t be enjoying this one so much, however given the standard of show I am mostly watching is strictly ordinary (with only a handful of exceptions), this one remains consistently reasonably good. While there are some issues I’d like it to delve into more deeply, the cute and happy feeling it has going for it works and they manage to keep it from getting too sickly sweet week after week.

How to Keep A Mummy (Episode 6)

Still adorably cute and the dragon is definitely an asset to the team and the mummy is still the single cutest thing in creation. That said, there still isn’t much in the way of plot and the human characters all seem excessively nice (not that there’s anything wrong with that but it just means there is very little in the way of depth here).

DamePri Anime Caravan (Episode 7)

DamePri gave us an entirely forgettable episode this week and while part of that might be my general disdain for beach or hot springs episodes (and the combination of the two didn’t help), part of that was that very little of note happened. For a series that has kind of been holding on through it sheer zany energy, this seems like a poor time to take a nap.

Record of Grancrest War (Episode 7)

This show finally remembered the story we started with and we’ve now reconnected with it. Not sure how some of the events we’ve seen fit in, but at least there seemed to be an attempt at bringing some cohesion to the story and the world building. Maybe this show might just pull itself up from this low point and actually start living up to some of its potential.

Junji Ito Collection (Episode 7)

I’m thinking I could just leave the same write up here from week to week at this point. Here’s some more stories with good ideas at the core but no development and then they are over and we’ve moved on. It isn’t exactly a satisfying viewing experience.

Sanrio Boys (Episode 7)

And product placement here we come. There really wasn’t anything else going on in episode 7 other than obvious advertising very thinly hidden under the notion of deepening friendships. Oh well, it isn’t like we expected anything else from this show in the beginning so the fact that this is where we are now is more or less acceptable.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody (Episode 6)

Going to a play and fighting off some flying ants, Satou continues to be pretty nonchalant about everything which makes it hard to really invest in anything going on here. While this was a step up from last week, that isn’t much of a recommendation.


They Made This?

Nothing yet.


Tried and Dropped (or on hold)

  • Maerchen Maedchen (Episode 3)
  • Hakyuu Houshin Engi (Episode 2)
  • A Place Further Than The Universe (Episode 1)
  • Hakumei and Mikochi (Episode 1)
  • Katana Maidens ~Toji no Miko (Episode 2)
  • Laid-Back Camp (Episode 1)
  • Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles (Episode 1)
  • Citrus (Episode 1)
  • Mitsuboshi Colors (Episode 1)
  • Slow Start (Episode 1)
  • The Ryou’s Work is Never Done (Episode 1)
  • Working Buddies! (Episode 1)
  • Karakai Jozu no Takagi-San (Episode 1)
  • Mitchiri Neko (Episode 1)
  • Pop Team Epic (Episode 1)

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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7 thoughts on “Winter 2018 Week 7

    1. I agree, but I inherently like that style of fantasy so despite feeling the story is rubbish and that the characters have not done a thing of interest since episode 1, I am still enjoying it more than Sanrio Boys and a few other titles. But yeah, I’m definitely playing favourites with it because objectively it is pretty terrible.

    1. There’s always something that just remains out of reach. For me that is getting around to actually finishing Hunter x Hunter. When things in real life get hectic, it is always the first thing that gets cut from my watch schedule which is why it has taken so long to get through it.

        1. I’m enjoying it. But being so long running and shounen (so not hard to keep the story in mind), I know that I will be able to go back and pick it up, so I just keep cutting it when things are busy.

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