Winter 2018 Week 1

Right, so welcome to the first official week of the winter season, though there are some shows still to come. We are getting closer to the end of the count down so stay tuned for that one and next week I’ll be contacting patrons to choose the show that will end up being a patron only review for the season.

Otherwise, business as usual. I’m not quite as thrilled about this season as I was about Autumn 2017 but there’s still some interesting titles about and hopefully it will be a fun season by the end. There are a few sequels that I’m just not touching such as Overlord (I didn’t finish season 1), Hitori no Shita (didn’t like season 1), and Basilisk (never watched season 1). As always though, I would love to know your thoughts so far on the season. What has caught your eye?


Must Watch

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 (Episode 34)

No Rei this week but the return of this series after the week break was definitely strong as we got hit with Hina and Akari dealing with the ongoing bullying subplot head on. An emotionally powerful episode to kick off the second half and this series is showing no signs of slowing down.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (Episode 1)

The nostalgia is running strong with this one and the similarities between this opening episode and the original series certainly helped kick that into full gear. Add in some touchingly adorable moments between one of the cutest couples ever and any objectivity I may have had on this show went out the window. Realistically, this may move down to ‘usually entertaining’ but for now it is a solid ‘must watch’.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Episode 13)

If I’m honest, a couple more episodes this average and I will have to move this show out of the Must Watch category. While I am really enjoying this, episode 13 was fairly bland in the end and offered very little development for the story or the characters. Certainly there were hints of progress on both but nothing that felt like it made up for the rest of the episode just kind of crawling along. Then, we of course get a cliffhanger ending because why use the episode to tell the interesting part of the story when you can introduce it minutes before the credits.


Usually Entertaining

Record of Grancrest War (Episode 1)

I’m not going to make any promises on this one because it could quickly become a train wreck but I had a lot of fun with this first episode and kind of like the two main characters. It looks like a fairly standard fantasy offering so as long as it doesn’t make too many missteps it should be entertaining.


Okay, I Guess

How to Keep A Mummy (Episode 1 – to be reviewed next week)

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody (Episode 1 – to be reviewed next week)

Maerchen Maedchen (Episode 1 – to be reviewed next week)

DamePri Anime Caravan (Episode 1)

Clearly not intended to be taken seriously, this show just kind of goes with being over the top and it kind of works. The Princes all kind of remind me of Kurama from Kamisama Kiss in that every time he entered a room there would be a theme song and smoke machine. Well, these princes strike poses and one has his own group of helpers to assist with wind, light, and even glitter. It is a little ridiculous but actually kind of okay. I’ll see if I feel the same way after a second episode.

A Place Further Than The Universe (Episode 1)

This one might be really good but I kind of suspect I’m going to get bored with it fairly quickly so I may end up dropping it. I’ll give it another episode or two before I decide. Still, it is pretty charming so far even if it isn’t really the kind of thing that appeals to me.

Sanrio Boys (Episode 1)

Kind of a male version of cute girls doing cute things. Really, this one will depend on what the characters do next week as to whether I keep watching it or not.

Junji Ito Collection (Episode 1)

I actually enjoyed this more than A Place Further Than the Universe, though objectively this was only kind of passable. Episodic horror story, though not really horrific so much as just kind of weird. The very short story told at the end was actually pretty interesting though. I think I’m going to enjoy this series though it could end up becoming a bit to repetitive. We’ll see how it goes.

School Babysitters (Episode 1 – Review next week with episode 2)

Definitely not my kind of thing and not doing anything really out of the ordinary, and yet oddly watchable. I’ll see how I feel after a second round of middle-school boy looks after kids in daycare.

Katana Maidens ~Toji no Miko (Episode 1)

A fairly ordinary beginning but there’s enough potential for this to get interesting that I’m going to stick with it for the time being. I may change my mind after the next episode but I’d like to see what the show’s intentions are.

Laid-Back Camp (Episode 1)

This is a good candidate to be moved to tried and dropped if anything else comes out. While I enjoyed the characters in this enough and there was nothing wrong with the episode, I just didn’t find it particularly interesting either.

Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles (Episode 1)

I’m probably going to move this to the tried and dropped once anything else comes out. This first episode is fine if you are okay with the repeated gag of girl getting rejected in her friendship attempts and then watching girls slurp ramen. There may be some appeal I was missing but basically I was bored while watching this one. Otherwise, it is functional enough as a first episode.


They Made This?

Nothing yet.


Tried and Dropped

Citrus (Episode 1)

Mitsuboshi Colors (Episode 1)

Slow Start (Episode 1)

The Ryou’s Work is Never Done (Episode 1 – not reviewed)

Working Buddies! (Episode 1)

Karakai Jozu no Takagi-San (Episode 1 – not reviewed)

Mitchiri Neko (Episode 1)

Pop Team Epic (Episode 1)

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Karandi James.


20 thoughts on “Winter 2018 Week 1

  1. You are watching some of the show I’m watching too, I have to get my first impression out eventually, gonna try to work on that soon.

    When I watched the first episode of Record of the Grandcrest War it kind of remind me me of Chain Chronicle. Of course I will watch Cardcaptor Sakura, it’s probably the only Magical Girl series I really enjoyed (I have to admit I never fully watched Sailor Moon). Regarding How to Keep a Mummy, I literally fell in love with that little mummy, Mii-kun is so cute, I want one.

    1. Grancrest does have a similar feel to Chain Chronicle in that if you just want standard fantasy it seems to be delivering. Won’t make a must watch list anytime soon but could be fun.
      Mii-kun was adorable. I can’t believe they managed to make a mummy that adorable.

      1. lol if I had recorded myself while watching How to Keep a Mummy it would of been a collection of “ooooh” and “awwww” I think I lost it when it cried and barked XD

          1. I think all the viewer will want one. I’m really curious about the other familiar, the little dragon seems quite cute too, it remind me of Dragonite.

  2. Are you able to see Violet Evergarden? I started with that series last night, and it’s well worth checking out: and it’s on Netflix so I am kind of hoping you might be able to see this one 😀 I might pick up Record of Gancrest War myself as well. It’s about the only series that kind of appeals to me😀

    1. Violet Evergarden tragically is not available on Australian Netflix (which kind of makes me want to tell Netflix I’m somewhere else but so far I’ve resisted that and I’ll patiently wait until they decide to release the series – which will probably be about six months).
      I’m really looking to week 2 to make up my mind on shows and there’s still stuff coming out. However, some of the shows like Ms Koizumi, I’ve just kind of looked at and thought I don’t want to watch a second episode. Those will probably get moved to the dropped list because if I feel that way at episode 2 I know I’m not lasting a season.

      1. Really? Aww…I’m really sorry about that. I think, knowing your taste in anime, that you will really enjoy Violet Evergarden. It’s debut episode was quite impressive to say the least 😀
        Yeah…I understand. I still have to make up my mind with the shows to start with (I hope to add two more next to Violet Evergarden). Will let you know which ones. Looking forward to seeing which ones you are going to pick up 😊

        1. Whatever I choose, I can be sure I’ll have some duds in the mix. I always do. But that’s because I like to have some sort of optimism about where shows might go even if they never go there.

    1. It’s a shame that two of the must watches are carry over shows and very little this season has really wowed me. Though, still surprised by how cute the mummy show ended up being. I thought that was a sure drop and then I kind of had a lot of fun with it.

        1. I will admit, I only watched it because I was trying everything and because a friend who was helping me with a computer issue started the episode to check a setting and once the episode had started I figured I better finish it.

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