Spring 2017 Week 9

spring 2017

Alright, I wasn’t crazily looking forward to all the sequel seasons that came out this Spring but most of these have actually turned out to be pretty cool so it has made this season of sequels actually pretty fun to watch. I can’t say the same this week for a lot of the shows in the ‘Okay, I Guess’ category as a lot of them gave some fairly luke warm episodes this week. They were watchable, to be sure, but they didn’t do much else.ย  Let me know your current thoughts on the season below.


Must Watch

Kado: The Right Answer (Episode 8)

Do I need a category above Must Watch? This show is making me consider that a possibility at this point in time. Episode 8 was fantastic, even the low point of the episode where we had some slightly off comedy contributed to the overall narrative and to be honest I’m just completely hooked on this. Must have the next episode.

Natsume Yuujinchou 6 (Episode 8)

That was so adorable. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new yokai of the week with the last few episodes all bringing back a focus on already known characters. I really had a lot of fun with this episode and I’m kind of hopingย  Aoi does come back in future episodes but its always hard to know which characters will return and which have come and gone. Anyway, Natsume continues to be utterly adorable.

My Hero Academia Season 2 (Episode 23)

Okay, one more episode like these last two and I may even move this above Natsume. This show continues to prove it knows exactly what its audience wants and it delivers it with gusto. It isn’t ashamed of its superhero and shonen tropes but fully embraces them and because of that it continues to be pure fun and builds on its strengths rather than trying to apologise for its own origin.

The Eccentric Family Season 2 (Episode 8)

Can Benten and Nidaime get their own show because I’d happily watch those two forever? Of course, Kaisei also made a great showing this week. Basically, I still love all these characters and they continue to be highly entertaining even as there seems to be no real point to anything that is going on. Maybe it will all come together, but even if it doesn’t, this one is more about the journey than the destination.


Usually Entertaining

Attack on Titan Season 2 (Episode 10)

And down it comes again. This is more or less what happened with season 1. I got into it and really got swept away early on and then the story kind of suffered from pacing issues, lack of reveals, and problematic characters. Season 2 has not escaped any of these issues in its second half. Still very entertaining viewing, but it just doesn’t stand up next to something like My Hero Academia that goes from strength to strength with its characters. I won’t compare this to Natsume or KADO because that would be ridiculous but I know which next episode I’m more looking forward to.

The Royal Tutor (Episode 9)

I was less sold on this episode but this series has still be fairly entertaining on the whole. It wasn’t as though this episode was bad, more it just felt a little bit like they were purposefully delaying any kind of serious dive into Heine’s past. Possibly the events in this episode are more significant than that but it really felt kind of like a throw-away villain for the sake of having one more episode.

Sagrada Reset (Episode 9)

I’m thinking I’m going to have to move this further down. Entertaining isn’t quite the right word for it. Personally, I’m enjoying picking it apart and looking for clues and double meanings, but from an actual narrative point of view we’ve seen enough now to know it is kind of failing as a story. Plot, characters, and pacing are all full of issues and while the concept is kind of cool there’s only so long that will keep your story afloat.


Okay, I Guess

The Laughing Salesman (Episode 9)

This week I wasn’t quite so caught up inย  The Laughing Salesman, though whether that was because the stories lacked bite or because I just wasn’t in the mood I’m not sure. Overall though, this series is pretty consistent so still happily following along with this one.

WorldEnd (Episode 8)

There’s only so many shopping trips I can take watching in one series and WorldEnd has already exceeded its quota. For all the good ideas that keep me watching the show it has spent far too much time just waffling around and showing us cute girls being kids. I get that there’s meant to be a contrast for emotional affect but to be honest it just keeps dragging the pace down.

Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor (Episode 9)

First inconsistent, now rushing through what feels like it should be a range of more significant plot points. This remains watchable and has some good ideas but I can’t say I’m overly enjoying the viewing experience at this point.

Grimoire of Zero (Episode 8)

Send out the assassins, I want them all alive. That kind of seems contradictory to me but I guess that’s more or less standard for this show at this point. I am actually enjoying this show but the plot is so incredibly contrived and the reveals are pretty much obvious so I’m struggling a little bit to take it seriously.

Granblue Fantasy (Episode 10)

Granblue continues its trend of watchable but not good. It would be really nice if I actually knew what the characters wanted to achieve for this series. Are we collecting pieces of the sky map, running from the empire, getting Gran to the island of the astrals where his father is, randomly helping random people, or is it all about saving Lyria? I don’t know and I don’t think the show does either.


They Made This

The Silver Guardian (Episode 10)

There we go, it finally made it into this category. Each week for about three weeks I’ve been wondering what the writers were actually trying to do and now I’m more or less convinced that they’ve decided just to pull random actions and characters out of a hat and that’s the focus for the week. Okay, it isn’t that bad, but Suigin was barely on screen this week, Riku made no appearance but was mentioned, and we spent most of the episode with the random players we met a few episodes ago first mugging other new players and then being the victims of a mugging. I’m not sure what that contributes to the overall plot and to be honest I wasn’t that interested.


Tried and Dropped

Alice & Zoroku (Episode 6)

Sword Oratoria (Episode 5)

Tsukigakirei (Episode 2)

Eromanga Sensei (Episode 2)

Armed Girls Machiavellism (Episode 2)

Sakura Quest (Episode 1)

Love Tyrant (Episode 1)

Clockwork Planet (Episode 1)

Which ending are you most looking forward to?

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10 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Week 9

    1. Well that’s a second vote for a category above Must Watch. I’ll have to think about that at the end of the season (of course it will depend on whether Kado can avoid a serious mis-step in the next few weeks).

  1. Maybe you should name the category above must watch: Kado? Just an idea ๐Ÿ˜Š Seriously though, I could not agree with you more on Kado. It is an absolutely amazing series. It makes you really think about things. It keeps spinning around in your head, until the next episode arrives and the proces starts all over again. It is truly one of the most unique series that I have ever seen, and I love it ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. I really enjoy your weekly roundups like this, I like to see where you rate things as time goes on through their respective series. MHA is amazing right now, its doing incredibly well. AoT was ok but i agree with your points on pacing issue. Ive heard KADO popping up a lot lately, with some good reviews. Maybe i should pick it up?

    1. KADO is very slow and there’s a lot of talking, but it is incredibly worth it (or at least has been so far – it may fall apart in the last few weeks but it will still have been an awesome journey).
      The only show I’m really on the fence about in placement is Sagrada Reset. I’m pretty sure Usually Entertaining is an inaccurate description at this point and I’ve just left it there because I don’t know where to move it.

      1. as long as the talking adds depth to the show and is thought provoking im sure ill like it! ๐Ÿ˜€ Sagrada reset is another one i havent picked up. Is it up and down in terms of quality then?

        1. To be honest watching Sagrada Reset is a little dull. The characters are pretty flat and the storyline hasn’t really gone anywhere yet. The ideas however are really intriguing and you can’t help but wonder if it is building to something and if the whole show will be worth it once you see where it goes. However, individual episodes are pretty painful to watch. I’d hold off on starting that one. Basically it is appealing to my sense of curiosity but not much else at this point.

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