Winter 2017 Week 3

We’ve hit the end of week 3 and for a lot of people this is where they will decide whether they are sticking with a show or cutting it loose. It also means I’ve mostly committed to the shows still on my list though I have dropped shows later in the season before. By the way, I finally dropped one of the shows that made it through the first few episodes but it probably isn’t the first one you think of.

For patrons, there’s my highlight of the week on patreon as well as my lesser top 5 list. And for everyone, whether they are a patron or not, I am reviewing the manga for Scum’s Wish (though not being very consistent with reading it at this point).

As always feel free to share your thoughts on this season in the comments below.


Must Watch

  • March Comes in Like a Lion (Episode 14)
  • ACCA (Episode 3)

March continues to play to its strengths of solid characterisation and interesting visualisation of emotions. The story is incredibly slow but the human element of this show is amazing.

If ACCA had come out at the same time as March Comes in Like a Lion and they were both at episode 3, I’d almost definitely say ACCA was the more enjoyable story. However, the characters in March have had time to develop and grow and ACCA is still setting up its world and slowly revealing its’s characters so it will stay here for now. Still, whilc March has solid characterisation, the story of ACCA is far more intriguing and grand in scale. If it can hold on to what it is doing when these finish it is going to be seriously hard to decide which one I enjoyed watching more. Then again, ACCA is at episode 3. It could go downhill from here.


Usually Entertaining

  • Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 (Episode 3)
  • Chain Chronicle (Episode 3)
  • Iron Blooded Orphans (Episode 39)
  • Blue Exorcist (Episode 29)

Tales of Zestiria kind of does some things really well but others are just kind of awkward. At this point I think I want to like this show more than I actually do, but it is still good fun. The fight sequence between the seraphim was a highlight this episode but most of the rest of the episode was pretty ordinary. Well, I guess we’ll see what next week brings.

Chain Chronicle is pretty much stock-standard fantasy at this point and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It does make it hard to recommend to anyone who isn’t already a fan of straight fantasy though because it isn’t particularly exceptional for the genre and doesn’t really cross into any other territory either.

Iron Blooded Orphans returned but this episode was pretty flat. Lots of set-up, lots of reminding us about relationships that exist, and mostly just waiting to see if they are going to kill off mainish characters this episode or next. Still, I’ve enjoyed it this far so we’ll see where they go next and whether we can get a big finish.

Blue Exorcist stays in this category but its dropped a bit. First the slow start to the season and now we get to focus on Rin’s father issues. It hasn’t exactly been compelling, though it isn’t broken either. All and all, I’m still just waiting on this one.


Okay, I Guess

  • Super Lovers (Episode 3)
  • Interviews with Monster Girls (Episode 3)

Episode 2 review of Super Lovers is available on my patreon site. It just didn’t fit into my review schedule with Iron Blooded Orphans airing this week. Next week a review of episode 3 will come out. This series is pretty much only for those who got through the first season and is not getting any better or worse at this point.

Interviews with Monster Girls is definitely going the harem route but its still kind of fun to watch for now and it looks like the next episode will bring us more on the snow girl so looking forward to that.


They Made This

  • Spiritpact (Episode 3)
  • Akiba’s Trip (Episode 4)
  • elDLIVE (Episode 3)
  • Hand Shakers (Episode 3)

So episode 3 of Spiritpact hasn’t convinced me to move this show out of this category. As much as some elements of the show are improving, others are still pretty dodgy so while it is entertaining and all, it really kind of belongs in this category at the moment.

Akiba’s Trip dropped down here because after an actually interesting opening episode this show has proved itself to be strictly formulaic generic humour with little other than bright visuals to really distinguish it (that and ripping clothes off of people). That said I haven’t dropped it yet though I’m thinking this one is pretty close.

elDLIVE very nearly hit the tried and dropped but was saved by the last few minutes of this week feeling like they were finally moving beyond introductions and that maybe it might get itself together next week. Still, not loving this so far.

Hand Shakers managed to improve absolutely nothing in the three episodes it has run and has revealed exactly nothing of consequence. Maybe there’s something coming and maybe there’s a point but so far its just kind of bland characters with a slightly sickening colour scheme and a lot of cliché set ups.


Tried and Dropped

  • Fuuka (Episode 5)
  • Trickster (Episode 13)
  • Gabriel DropOut (Episode 1)
  • Masamune-Kun’s Revenge (Episode 1)
  • Schoolgirl Strikers (Episode 1)
  • Seiren (Episode 1)
  • Saga of Tanya the Evil (Episode 1)
  • Chaos;Child (Episode 1 – five minutes in)

Yeah, Fuuka is the first of the shows that I decided to watch that I will now drop so episode 5’s review will be its last. Will probably replace with one of my backups though now I have to decide which one.

Week 3 finished. What shows have you written off as unwatchable?

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5 thoughts on “Winter 2017 Week 3

  1. Interview with Monster Girls I had to drop. I may still watch the episodes, but I’m struggling to care about the characters lives and stories. Though it is really the harem aspect which is bugging meand Takahashi being so oblivious of the situation, if not him being such an otaku he is just in a blissful fantasy he is trying to control his enjoyment of.

    1. Episode 4 was okay but this is still one I’m very seriously considering dropping. Not because it is bad but just because I’m kind of bored while watching it. I’d rather watch Hand Shakers which is pretty terrible but at least it is amusing me.

  2. Great post, as always! 😆

    I’m sticking with Fuuka because the manga is actually pretty good, and I’m a sucker for Seo Kouji’s work. And Gabriel’s Dropout really reminds me of Himouto Umaruchan – a relaxing, enjoyable slice of life anime. While it’s not in my top priorities list, I definitely enjoy watching it to kill time!

    ACCA seems more and more like a great political thriller every episode. On top of that, the art is pretty old school (in a good way) and the music is phenominal! Definitely a must watch!

    But I’ve also written off Seiren, which is a shame because it was something I was looking forward to before the season started. Good art, but honestly omnibus formatted shows are really only good for the art (unless they go the ecchi route). No real time for character development.

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