Winter 2017 Week 11

Okay, we’re almost at the end of the winter season with a lot of shows wrapping up. I’ve started checking out a few of the shows I skipped over earlier in the season (though they won’t appear on this list) but anything I check out I’ll post an impressions of and if I end up watching it through I’ll review the show. Of course my best of the season won’t really be a surprise to anyone though I’m still torn about whether it will end up being March or ACCA. I might start doing a plus-minus list on both just to see which I actually feel is stronger.

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As always, I would love to know your thoughts on the shows this season so please leave a comment below.


Must Watch

  • ACCA (Episode 11)
  • March Comes in Like a Lion (Finished)

Yeah, I moved ACCA back above March but honestly I’ll have to rewatch these shows before I actually know which was more entertaining overall. They are both brilliant in their own way but they both have flaws and it will be interesting to see which one manages to be more entertaining when you know where it is heading. But, episode 11 of ACCA was truly amazing.

Really glad we got an announcement of a season 2 for March Comes in Like a Lion. I’m just not ready for that story to end yet. I love that as much growth as Rei has had this season, he is still the same and plagued by uncertainties. He even says he hasn’t changed (which isn’t strictly true) but in many ways he hasn’t. Very enjoyable watch this season.


Usually Entertaining

  • Spiritpact (Finished)
  • Chain Chronicle (Episode 11)

Chain Chronicle continues to be generic but entertaining enough fantasy. If you like swords, magic, and simple bad guy motives, this is a nice weekly watch. Sufficiently entertaining but not a lot to think about.


Okay, I Guess

  • Iron Blooded Orphans (Episode 47)
  • Blue Exorcist (Finished)
  • Super Lovers (Finished)
  • elDLIVE (Episode 11)
  • Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 (Episode 11)

Iron Blooded Orphans continues to bring us despair (I guess technically no one died this episode but the situation is pretty bleak). What little ray of hope was offered at the end was snatched away before the credits and next week does not look good. My care factor is pretty minimal at this time but I’m going to see how this plays out.

Blue Exorcist delivered what was a fairly pointless episode. Everyone survived, let’s have some touching reunions, some hints of future plots and problems, go touring around for some photo ops, and then have one more touching conversation between the brothers. Really, this follow up season has been watchable but that’s about the best recommendation I’m going to give it.

elDLIVE I guess is going for a dramatic finish but given one of the characters was kind of only introduced this week and it doesn’t look like he’ll be hanging around, its kind of hard to care. Plus, Chuta’s general lack of anything resembling a backbone is really starting to get dull.

It kind of seems sad that Tales of Zestiria is sitting underneath elDLIVE at this point given that elDLIVE has been all kinds of mediocre for its first season. But, from a plot point of view, this season of Zestiria makes almost zero sense and essentially we could have just had this battle back at the end of season 1. Any argument that Sorey is now stronger can be countered simply by a ‘why’. What have we seen him do that would actually make him stronger? Because pretty much we’ve focussed on every character except Sorey until these last few episodes and to be honest other than the show says he can now purify dragons I’ve seen little reason to believe he is any better as a shepherd than he was. And that makes almost all of this season 2 meaningless. Sorry, that was a long explanation, but I’m really disappointed in this.


They Made This

  • Hand Shakers (Episode 11)

The ‘They Made This’ category was made for Hand Shakers. Every week I just keep wondering how this show didn’t get axed mid-production. It is almost painful to watch at this point. Which is kind of sad given the basic premise of the show could have been interesting. This kind of demonstrates why you cannot pick an anime based on its synopsis. There’s a lot to be said about the execution of an idea and in this case all they’ve done is pile on poor writing, dull characters, hideous visuals, and a plot that has meandered all over the place and only advances through info-dumps.


Tried and Dropped

  • Interviews with Monster Girls (Episode 10)
  • Akiba’s Trip (Episode 6)
  • Fuuka (Episode 5)
  • Trickster (Episode 13)
  • Gabriel DropOut (Episode 1)
  • Masamune-Kun’s Revenge (Episode 1)
  • Schoolgirl Strikers (Episode 1)
  • Seiren (Episode 1)
  • Saga of Tanya the Evil (Episode 1)
  • Chaos;Child (Episode 1 – five minutes in)

That’s week 11 over and there’s not much to finish this season.

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