When In Doubt, Just Pile On More Characters and Stir

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Domestic Girlfriend Episode 6 Review

Last week we added Momo to the already over-crowded list of potential love interests for Natsuo. This week we add a male teacher (who is probably more teasing than serious) and a member of the school’s literature club. Were they actually needed? Not so sure.

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 6 Natsuo and Rui

Starting with the teacher, I kind just accepted with the premise that we were going to have a teacher behave fairly unethically, and Hina has certainly given us that. Whether Natsuo is her student or step-brother (and in this case he is both) her behaviour in previous episodes toward him was wildly inappropriate as the adult in the situation. So to have Natsuo run into another teacher with questionable boundaries and actions is probably pushing things beyond just being melodramatic into outright silly territory. Particularly when it looks so much like queer baiting and doesn’t seem likely to yield anything resembling an actual romantic relationship.

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 6 Literature Club

Meanwhile the new literature club girl is pretty much a walking cliche of a shy girl stereotype and somehow I’m fairly certain she’s going to end up crushing on Natsuo as well. It doesn’t help that both Rui and Momo decided to join the literature club. Just makes the whole situation feel like this story didn’t know what to do for a mid-section or with its premise of Rui and Hina becoming Natsuo’s sisters and so we’re just adding drama to stretch it out. I was almost waiting for the student council president to show up and threaten to shut down the club. It would fit with the unoriginal and fairly pointless developments this episode delivered.

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 6 Momo and Rui

About the only spot light in the mess of attempts to stir up new and improved melodrama, was Rui struggling with her feelings. This was probably the most emotion we’ve seen out of Rui yet and in an episode that was well below the bar set by this series so far Rui was the one shining spot to come out of it. Hoping it picks up again next week.

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2 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Just Pile On More Characters and Stir

  1. It’s certainly drifting away from the original premise of the awkward “siblings who aren’t really siblings” love triangle.

    The new teacher is a bit creepy for my tastes, which makes me wonder if he’s actually setting up a lascivious scenario in which he encourages the kids to take part in some kind of lewd activity which he films or secretly watches with other old pervs.

    I hope I am wrong but this show does have some prurient ideas at times… :-/

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