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Skull Face Book Seller Honda San Episode Review Title Image

Skull Face Book Seller Honda San Episode 10 Review

Skull Face Book Seller Honda-San continues to do what it does. Honda starts off in a conversation about what makes someone suitable to work in a book store. We get to hear Honda’s perspective as well as numerous other workers. Like always, this is a remove the filter look at a job that is often romanticised by book lovers but ultimately requires a lot of work, organisation and stacking of things. They play it for humour and as normal it works well enough but that’s about all.

Skull Face Book Seller Honda San Episode 10

Interspersed is some shelf envy as the less organised characters marvel over someone able to actually keep their shelves, drawers and stock in order. Honestly, this seems like it would be an essential trait for all the employees but apparently some struggle with it. This joke didn’t quite hit the mark for me, because to be honest I just couldn’t see why they couldn’t just organise their stock, but I’m guessing other people will relate better and find the humour in it.

Skull Face Book Seller Honda San Episode 10

Lastly, we switch to the panic of characters potentially facing a section change. This leads to some remarkable observations about various manga publishers and if you’ve been playing spot the reference then you’ve just hit the jackpot with this section. I certainly enjoyed this part more than the rest of this episode.

Skull Face Book Seller Honda San Episode 10

As normal though, Skull Face Bookseller Honda-San functionally works, is occasionally funny, and is fortunately short enough that even when it kind of flails about helplessly it is easy enough to watch. Still, this one remains strictly average in more or less every regard.

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