Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-Kun Episode 7 Review

Iruma Episode 7

The Power of Shoujo Manga

I will admit that after 6 episodes of Mairimahita Iruma-Kun that have left me smiling, episode 7 just felt kind of bland. Directly picking up from the previous episode, the student council president determines that Iruma is human, because he apparently acts the way she feels humans do from her manga reading, and she also determines he can read the manga she’s been carrying around. Rather than reporting him she drags him off to read her the story. Turns out the power of shoujo manga is strong even in the netherworld.


Though, much like the previous reaction when Iruma used the word friend, the word ‘date’ apparently doesn’t exist. So I wonder what two demons call it when they are falling in love and hanging out together? These omissions from the language, while they lead to some amusing ‘kind-of’ definitions and understandings, seem a little odd.


However, with the story spending so much time with the reading and not so crash hot interactions between Iruma and the student council president, there’s not a lot of time left for the usual over-the-top antics. We do get a few Clara moments in the classroom but the basic feel of this episode is just kind of flat.


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Hopefully we are building up to something because overall this episode just didn’t do much. However, there were two conversations that do suggest this is going somewhere. The first was when Iruma was going to school and was asked whether he actually wanted to go back to the human world. The second came when he was asked his ambition by the student council president. On both occasions, Iruma stumbled without really finding an answer and it will be interesting to see as he turns this over in his head what conclusion he draws.


A much more low key affair all around but overall still perfectly watchable. Hopefully we’ll pick up again next week.

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