Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-Kun Episode 6 Review

Iruma Episode 6

All The Pretty Flowers

This week Iruma’s getting a carriage ride to school, the red-carpet treatment (whether he wants it or not), and his class are learning how to make flowers bloom with magic. Meanwhile the student council are starting to keep an eye on him with Ameri, the student council president, putting together an interesting theory about Iruma that he’s probably not going to want to hear. All and all, just another fun and silly episode from Mairimashita Iruma Kun.


I will admit, the more we see of the school, the other students, the teachers and the classes, the more of a Harry Potter vibe I’m getting from this. Only instead of Harry, raised as a muggle, marvelling over all the things magic can do, here we have Iruma, the definite human, being terrified of giving himself away and really just wanting to disappear into the crowd. However, anything but is going to happen as he continues to navigate his way through his school life.


The chairman, Iruma’s adopted grandfather, certainly doesn’t help things. I’m still wondering just how much of what he does is planned manipulation given he seems to turn up at just the right time, or in this instance call at just the right time, and how much is genuinely him being an airhead. It really wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he’s got everything all planned out and has just perfected the art of acting completely oblivious. Still, at some point it would be nice if Iruma and he sat down and actually had a talk about some of this. For instance, forgetting to tell Iruma about what would happen with the ring until after he was in class could have been a serious problem.

However, while Iruma-Kun most definitely gives off a Harry Potter vibe, it has also been filtered through the standard Japanese school life story as well and this comes through loud and clear when Iruma pictures a flower he’d like to grow. It also coincides with the manga, or forbidden text, that the student council president just happens to have stashed away and is reading.


This anime continues to be an undemanding watch but remains visually interesting and the interactions between the characters are amusing enough. There’s also a number of potential issues that might be dealt with in future episodes which gives enough of a forward moving plot to keep me wondering about where it is going. Overall, six episodes in, Mairimashita Iruma Kun continues to be a pleasant viewing experience.

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Images from: Mairimashita! Iruma-kun. Dir. M Moriwaki. Bandai Namco Pictures. 2019.

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