Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-Kun Episode 5 Review

Iruma Episode 5

Bow Down To The Great
And Not-So-Powerful Iruma

Well Sabnock definitely bit off more than he could chew taking on the guardian of the valley. Still, he did at least not fall into a mess but continued to struggle on even though he was really outclassed. Not to mention, his power to create weapons is pretty cool even if it is super weird that he needs to be biting the same metal to do it.


Fortunately Iruma is in the neighbourhood courtesy of the bird he healed last week who turns out to be the Guardian’s child. Iruma and the baby bird show up and with a little coxing from Iruma, Sabnock drops his weapon. The threat removed, the guardian calms down and then we get the weirdest bow ever from the birds to Iruma. Though given we got told the prophecy of the demon king like a million times this episode with an emphasis on the fact that pretty much everyone is going to bow down to him, this is probably going to be a recurring theme with Iruma.


Despite all of that, or probably because of all of that, Iruma and Sabnock are indeed the last two in the class to reach the finish line of the race. Yeah, we nearly forgot they were racing. Then we have a session of drawing ranks from a pouch on an owl that just seems really weird and naturally, once Iruma finally draws it gets even weirder.

I really do want to know what Iruma’s grandfather is planning. He’s brought a human into the demon realm, he’s clearly protecting him, and all around Iruma weird things are happening. It is difficult to know whether some of these are just because he is human or whether it is because there’s something specifically special about him, but it is fun watching him hope to blend in and be ordinary when everyone is talking about him (okay, this is kind of reminding me of that other isekai this season with a girl trying and failing to be average – also good fun).


Anyway, five episodes in and we have a grandfather who is super powerful, two friends who clash personalities, a teacher who hates Iruma but is also his familiar, a rival who is clearly going to end up bowing down to him, and a magic ring… not to mention possibly a prophecy sitting behind the whole thing. This one isn’t taking itself seriously but there’s enough going on to keep it fun and the cast keeps getting better at bouncing off one another.

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