Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-Kun Episode 3

Iruma Episode 3

A Newb At Making Friends

Clearly Iruma-Kun is not asking us to take it seriously and that’s just fine. This is very much morning cartoon style silliness with some bright visuals and charmingly over-the-top but not quite obnoxiously-so characters (though that last point is fairly subjective and maybe you will find Clara too much to deal with). Basically it is entertainment for the sake of it and there’s not a lot more to it.


This week Iruma and Asmodeus get roped (almost literally) into playing with Clara who on top of having an excessively energetic personality can apparently recreate anything she’s seen before. That gift, plus her feeling isolated and desperate for anyone to play with, has made her a target for those who want to use her and simply get free drinks and snacks.


Iruma however didn’t exactly have a childhood where he had time to play and so while he finds Clara exhausting he genuinely enjoys the time being silly with friends and ultimately asks Clara if she’ll keep playing with him. And so friendship formed with a weird dynamic between Azz and Clara as the two compete for Iruma’s attention and generally butt heads at every turn. Of course, they don’t actually acknowledge friendship until the second half and then Iruma learns that apparently these demons don’t even know the meaning of the word (which just kind of seems weird given all the clear friendship groups we’ve seen form in the school).

Perhaps the highlight comes in the second half though when Clara is being chased out of the school shop (understandably given her ability). Kalego shows up to find out what the fuss is and Clara gets Iruma to ‘summon’ his familiar turning the teacher back into a small bird. It’s pretty funny in a ridiculous kind of way.


They are heavily playing on the standard tropes though with Iruma devouring food enough for multiple people and the fact that these three are all going to end up in a class for mis-fits is more or less a standard in anime. Still, if you are just after something fun that demands no brain power from you, Iruma-kun is working well enough and honestly those bright visuals are really kind of working for me.

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Images from: Mairimashita! Iruma-kun. Dir. M Moriwaki. Bandai Namco Pictures. 2019.

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