Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-Kun Episode 2

Iruma Episode 2

The Best Laid Plans

Iruma may very well be the only Japanese protagonist ever who actually thought his teacher expelling him on day one was a good idea. After he was unable to tell his new ‘grandfather’ that he didn’t want to go to school for fear of being eaten, expulsion seemed like the next best option for getting out of the whole situation his parents put him in. Unfortunately, things don’t exactly work out that way because that would make for a pretty short anime.


This second episode very much makes it clear that the tone established in the first is going to be the status quo. This is fine as it is all fun enough, nothing to be taken overly seriously, and while Iruma might freak out a little too often, it isn’t as though his reactions aren’t warranted, plus there’s still a chance he’ll settle. Still, regardless of whether it is the headmaster, a stern teacher, the student council or other students, there’s a lot riding on exaggeration or deliberate misunderstandings in order to make the dialogue hit is mark in terms of humour and tone. For the most part it succeeds but it also means it is very easy to no pay all that much attention to as dialogue regularly states the obvious.


As for the familiar summoning it actually goes relatively quickly. The stern teacher is just over the top enough and there’s a lot of similarities between him an Snape from Harry Potter. Throw in the fact that he’s voice by Daisuke Ono, one of my favourite VA’s ever, and he was a fairly delightful addition this week even if his character has all the subtlety of a battering ram.

Visually this one kind of feels like it has a very old school style, or at least it reminds me of a lot of shows I watched when I was younger, but it is nicely polished and has a very clean look. I paid a bit more attention to the music this week and it definitely has its own feel as well. Basically, Mairimashita Iruma-Kun is entertaining but it isn’t exactly trying to be the anime of the year or anything like that. It’s just doing its thing and if you want something that is not asking for a large mental commitment from you that is a bit of silly fun, then this anime seems like it will hit the spot this season.


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Images from: Mairimashita! Iruma-kun. Dir. M Moriwaki. Bandai Namco Pictures. 2019.

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