Week 8 Impressions of the Fall (Autumn) Anime Season

I’m working on catching up though I’m still a bit behind. There’s been a few moves since the last list including the decision to drop Val x Love and put Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle on hold. I just haven’t got back to either one so I’m pretty much calling them done for the season and will have to catch Phantasy Star once it is done. The top 3 however haven’t moved largely because I haven’t caught up on 2 our of 3. I’ve been holding them off as a reward for when I’m more caught up.

The List

I haven’t watched any more of Assassins Pride and so it remains number 15. Largely because the last two episodes I watched were so dull and when I was as time poor as I was it just didn’t seem worth the effort. That probably doesn’t bode well for it being finished but I don’t think I’ll drop anything else as I am slowly catching up on the backlog. Whichever way, Assassins Pride continue to muddle about a middling plot with characters who are increasingly uninteresting because they aren’t going anywhere with the possible interesting traits they have.

Still at number 14, is Kabukichou Sherlock. Seriously, this one remains watchable and has enough of its own vibe going to keep me watching while at the same time it just isn’t very good. Though as a non-sport, non-isekai and non-sequel it is probably staying on the list just for the sheer novelty.


However, falling to number 13 is Granblue Fantasy Season 2 as it really is starting to feel like a bit of a chore to watch. In its defence, it has not gotten any worse. But more of the same ordinary isn’t exactly compelling viewing and splitting Gran and Lyria this last episode didn’t help in the slightest.

Ascendance of a Bookworm moves to number 12 as I’ve yet to watch the next episode. I am actually looking forward to the next episode though as I think this one has generally continued to build on what it had even if I wasn’t thrilled by what it had early on.

Number 11 is still Kemono Michi which continues to be fun enough and as usual I’ll point out that fans of pro-wrestling will probably be enjoying this one significantly more than I am. While the jokes are a little samey from episode to episode, the cat is reasonable, there’s some good energy about it, and while I’m not into wrestling I did actually enjoy their latest efforts at isekai wrestling.

And Number 10 remains Special 7. Honestly, I like the anime I lot more than it deserves but I do like it. The cast got fleshed out a bit in the latest offering and there’s been some nice set up for future events and realistically I guess we’re all just waiting to see what Special 7 has to offer.

In The Top 10

Number 9 is now firmly claimed by Mairimashita Iruma-Kun as the last episode I watched of it was definitely not quite hitting the amusing points of some of the earlier ones and the character’s being one-note was starting to become much more draining on the overall tone. I’m hoping it picks up again but this one may very well yield its place in the top 10 by next week.

Number 8 then now goes to Ahiru no Sora. Having watched the next two episodes (still one behind), I’m feeling it will remain watchable and decent enough though it just isn’t really for me. Still, when it gets the character moments right it really does manage to rise. Now if only I cared about basketball.

Number 7 is Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life which presented us with a very average filler beach episode. Overall, this anime has remained fun but lacking in substance. That said, it will be a perfect chill out anime for binge watchers as it demands very little other than you smile along with Mile and her friends as they do ‘hunter’ stuff.

But dropping into Number 6 is My Hero Academia. I fully expected this to be in my top 3 by now and I know all the manga readers will start exclaiming that it will get good soon and the set up is worth it, but this is where weekly watching is inferior to binge watching. It isn’t six episodes, it is six weeks, and that is a long time to hope that something that lasts twenty minutes in a hit will get more interesting. That said, it isn’t as though MHA is actually bad, it just doesn’t have the same compelling tone or even the enthusiasm of earlier seasons right now.

No movement for number 5 as I haven’t watched the next episodes for Stars Align yet. I’m getting back to it and I’ll see if it belongs below MHA then.

Moving up, somewhat unexpectedly, to number 4 is Cautious Hero. No I won’t try and mount a defence for it. The show is stupid, the characters are dumb and generally tropes with a very minor tweak to them, and the plot is standard isekai only made slightly different by the way the characters are responding to the situations. That said, I am enjoying it a lot and Seiya is one of my favourite characters this season. Sure, he’s blunt, tactless, and quite self-involved, but his responses to various situations are pretty amusing and for whatever reason this one is just working for me and I’m having a great time with it.

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Current Top 3

Number 3: Null and Peta


This one hasn’t moved as I didn’t watch the next episode yet but for those who haven’t tried it, this is a short form anime that has a bit more going for it than the comedy trappings would have you realise in its early episodes. Definitely one to try.

Number 2: No Guns Life


I’m one episode behind but No Guns Life is pretty consistent in what it delivers and I am really enjoying what it delivers. While it isn’t a masterpiece by any means, it certainly has its moments and the cast work very well.

Number 1 : Dr Stone


Again, I’ve fallen an episode behind on this one but I’m not worried as I will definitely be caught up by the weekend. Dr Stone has gotten better and better in its second cour and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it concludes.

Bad day at work.

I can’t believe I will be opening the best of the season poll in a few weeks. What happened to the time?

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Hope you enjoyed.

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