Week 7 Impressions of the Fall (Autumn) Anime Season

Well, I’m behind on watching almost everything as the work situation exploded in more ways than one but what I’ve watched has still left an impression. This season has a lot of mid-level kind of shows which means small changes are causing them to rise and fall fairly dramatically in the order with only one or two shows really distinguishing themselves from the pack. Of course, I don’t have access to Beastars, which everyone keeps raving about, though apparently it will come out next year on a service I use.

The List

Tied at the bottom of the list is Val x Love and Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle. When you get busy you surely notice which shows you just don’t have time in your life for and while I am curious about Phantasy Star, I haven’t made the time to go watch more of it and Val x Love was an easy one to skip over when short on time. I may or may not end up finishing it at this rate.

Dropping massively from 11 to Number 15 (as predicted after the previous write up) is Assassins Pride. This one goes from poor effort but interesting concept to just plain poor effort and serving up an entirely pointless episode after yet another lack lustre tournament is more or less the nail in the coffin for this clearly skippable anime.

However, holding steady at number 14, is Kabukichou Sherlock. This one still isn’t particularly good but I will admit I enjoy watching the street gang of kids and more episodes focussed on them would be appreciated. Though, the fact that the title character has to be sidelined because he’s just plain boring is kind of a problem here.


Ascendance of a Bookworm is kind of getting more bearable and has risen to number 13. I would suggest this is more because I’m really enjoying the support cast rather than because Main got any more interesting, but they are also progressing their plot.

Rising to number 12 is Granblue Fantasy Season 2 and it more or less remains inoffensively bland. Honestly, it is exactly the same as season one in terms of not really rising up or falling and just keep plodding along. Easy viewing, undemanding, but not terribly thrilling either.

Both number 11 and 10 haven’t really had the chance to move due to my being behind on them, but unlike Val x Love, these two I fully intend to catch up on. Special 7 and Kemono Michi have been watchable enough though not particularly exceptional and I’ll definitely finish them but I’m also not feeling any urgency around that. In the meantime, I guess they didn’t drop on the list.

In The Top 10

Numbers 9 and 8 are more or less interchangeable at this point. I am really behind on Ahiru no Sora but will get back to it, but it remains watchable, some great moments, and a lot of middling ones. Mairimashita Iruma-kun has been delivering diminishing returns as we’ve crept further along and I’m hoping it finds its spark again soon or it may drop further down the list.

At number 7 we have Shinchou Yuusha which I’m enjoying but definitely has some rough edges. Seiya may very well be my favourite isekai hero ever at this rate but the rest of the cast and writing leave a bit to be desired. And Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life at number 6 continues to be pretty average but fun enough. Nothing really to write home about but no problem either.

Stars Align has fallen out of the top 3 and landed at number 5 and I suspect it will fall further unless they do something about the characters not in the tennis club and whether or not they can find a decent balance in the different ideas. So far, no such luck.

Then again, My Hero Academia is still sitting at number 4. While I’m certain it will be the top 3 by the end of the season, it is once again taking its time warming into the season. Hopefully this is just a slow warm up and once it gets moving it will blow me away as previous seasons have and a binge watch will improve, but right now this one works but isn’t exceptional.

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Current Top 3

Number 3 (up 6): Null and Peta


Null and Peta has rapidly shot up on my watch list spurred on by consistent quality and a surprising amount of depth for a short anime. Certainly it doesn’t have the time to delve as deeply into things as a full length anime, but the nuances in Null and Peta’s characters and the world building has been pretty special regardless. Solid recommendation for those who haven’t tried it yet.

Number 2: No Guns Life


Yeah, I fell behind on this one but will catch up soon for patrons. If nothing else, this weekend I intend to marathon any episodes I haven’t watched at that point and ensure I’m up to date. I’ve enjoyed it so far but we’ll see how it goes.

Number 1 : Dr Stone


Dr Stone has so far managed to hold onto its beautiful run of solid episodes and while this show isn’t making any of my favourites for the year quiver in fear, it is by far the show I am most consistently enjoying this season.


That’s the state of my season but what are your current top 3 shows for the season?

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Karandi James

10 thoughts on “Week 7 Impressions of the Fall (Autumn) Anime Season

      1. Well, I’m enjoying it! 😉 It’s still the same as before but they’ve amped up the drama by bringing in an external teacher for the group who is an old rival of Hozuki’s.

  1. The top 5 shows for me this season are:

    Stars Align
    Vinland Saga
    Hi Score Girl 2
    Null Peta

    I’m surprised how steadily Null Peta’s been rising. Vinland Saga has the best story, but Beastars isn’t close behind. Stars Align is the prettiest show and has great visual characterisation. Hi Score Girl has the arcade nostalgia factor in addition to being a fairly plausible look on how confusing romance is for teens.

    There are plenty of other shows I enjoy a lot, like Iruma-kun, Chihayafuru 3, Kemonomichi, Phantasy Star Online 2, No Guns Life…

    It looked like a much weaker season at the start than it turned out to be.

    I should be dropping Oresuki.

  2. Chihayafuru is my number one. Only issue is that sometimes the character’s eyes get ridiculously large. That only works up to a point.

  3. Lots of sequels this season. I haven’t caught up to anything except Beastars and Vinland Saga, both of which aren’t on your list unfortunately.

    No Gun No Life looks sick as hell though, I’ll probably watch it soon-ish.

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