Week 5 Impressions of the Fall (Autumn) Anime Season

I don’t think there’s a huge amount of movement on the list this week, though some shows have definitely consolidated their positions. Still, these are my current thoughts on the Autumn anime.

The List

Number 17 is still Val x Love. With episode 4 being perhaps the most boring outing to date with the show and I’m really not sure how many more weeks I’ll even continue it.

Also remaining is number 16 Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle largely because with travel for work I haven’t watched another episode yet. I do intent to catch up on this one eventually though.

Moving down one, Ascendance of a Bookworm is sitting at number 15. Just when you think Main might be a little less irritating as a character she backslides sharply and honestly she kills a lot of enjoyment the show might otherwise have because the support cast are actually pretty exceptional.

Another anime that slid down a spot, to number 14, is Kabukichou Sherlock. Honestly, this one hasn’t been good from the start but it was interesting, however unless you particularly found Sherlock’s antics in the bathhouse amusing there was little of interest to be found in the last episode in what seems like a worrying trend for the anime.


Moving into number 13 is Granblue Fantasy Season 2 as it finishes the Katalina/Vera conflict in an explosive fashion. While it would have been nice to see this anime stretch itself a bit, it remains watchable fun despite its limitations with character and overall plot.

Number 12 remains Hataage! Kemono Michi though I’m not certain what impact adding another wrestler is going to have to the ongoing story. Still, this one continues to prove far more enjoyable than I initially thought and is one that continues to surprise me each week by being pretty entertaining.

Dropping one to Number 11 and likely to keep plummeting given its current plot trajectory, is Assassins Pride. Yeah, pulling a Goblet of Fire immediately after the last tournament that didn’t really go anywhere did not help this story.

And slipping into Number 10, and also likely to keep falling unless it turns something around, is Special 7. I’m still not sure how they managed to make the most recent episode so dull given terrorists took over a shopping mall and there’s some nefarious plan afoot as well as a fairly large character revelation at the end and yet I was still pretty bored watching it this week. It would be kind of sad if the animal mask wearing wrestler ends up being more entertaining than supernatural detectives but that’s where this seems to be headed.

In The Top 10

Rising two places, Null and Peta finds itself at number 9. This week it his us with a solid emotional impact and really confirmed that despite being a short anime it could do comedy and look at the characters head on.

However, falling to Number 8 is Mairimashita Iruma-kun which actually didn’t get any worse, it was just another show stepped up its game. Iruma remains a delightful, kiddy diversion each week if you like a human going to a demon school and making friends and rivals.

Also dropping this week was Ahiru no Sora and it has landed at Number 7 down one from last week but possibly going to fall further. They’ve really hit the brakes on the pace with this practice match taking literally forever for very little gain in the character development department (small gains to be sure, but they are small).

Surprisingly rising this week is Shinchou Yuusha moving up two places to number 6. They seem to actually be willing to have Seiya develop while not giving up his cautious nature. This opens up a whole range of possibilities for the future of this story beyond the same joke that played out in episodes 1 – 3. It might be a false promise but it means this anime, which was pretty funny anyway, just got a lot more interesting to keep following in the hope that they continue this direction.

There’s no movement for either number 5, Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life or number 4, My Hero Academia season 4 this week. Average was one I couldn’t watch because of streaming issues in the hotel I was staying in so now I need to catch up and Hero didn’t air. I’ll see if these move next week.

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Current Top 3

Very curious to see how long these hold on.

Number 3: Stars Align


I’m finding this one to be fairly good watching each week. Certainly it is working hard to deliver ‘shocking’ moments at the ends of episodes but I am enjoying the contrast in the two tones the story has presented so far.

Number 2 (down one): No Guns Life


This one continues to be reviewed for patrons and I’m enjoying it immensely. I really do like the developing dynamic between Juuzo and Tetsuro and I hope to see more of it. Now if only the show would introduce a villain worthy of the name.

Number 1 (up one): Dr Stone


Dr Stone goes from strength to strength and the impending war is looking interesting. This week we had conflict, great character moments, and a good set-up for future episodes. This one isn’t looking to make a mis-step anytime soon.


That’s the state of my season but what are your current top 3 shows for the season?

Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.

Hope you enjoyed.

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