Week 4 Impressions of the Fall (Autumn) Anime Season

Four weeks in and still shows are coming out. This feels like one of the more scattered starts to a season ever. That said, a quarter of the way through the Fall Anime Season it is time to think about how I would rank these shows in terms of enjoyment. While there’s still quite a bit of movement on my list, this is where the anime I’m currently viewing are sitting.

I will say that when I put this list together it kind of confirmed that I’d rather watch something that is a little bit broken but has some fascinating element than watch something that I find dull. By ranking these by pure enjoyment it puts some weird shows in the middle largely because I’m still super curious about them even if they so far aren’t delivering much.

The List

At number 17 I have Val x Love. Largely because I’m more or less convinced this one isn’t really an anime for me but it hasn’t annoyed me enough to drop it yet. Those who like ecchi and harem anime are probably getting more out of it, but I’m going to say that I’ve seen better even in that genre (not that I’ve had a huge amount of exposure).

Number 16 is the newly arrived Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle but I’m only one episode in so maybe this one will warm up a little (or crash and burn, either way).

Just a little above that at number 15 is Granblue Fantasy Season 2 which is neither good or bad but is just kind of generic and watchable fantasy, much like the first season. That said, it is unlikely to get dropped because it will probably maintain the exact same watchable but not remarkable standard for the whole season.

Then narrowly avoiding being dropped by showing some signs of improvement (sufficient in fact that I’m starting to get curious about where it will go) is Ascendance of a Bookworm. I still can’t stand the main character but she’s slowly wearing off her rough edges and the basic idea behind the story is fine so once she stops whining about everything this one should be pretty enjoyable but for now it sits at number 14.


The next group are all ones that I’m enjoying but are riddled with flaws so I won’t be surprised if I abandon them or if they fall below the anime currently at the bottom of my list. Starting with number 13 we have Kabukichou Sherlock which is so far just a mess of a show that can’t decide if it wants to do crime or comedy and isn’t really doing either particularly well. Somehow I’m finding the mess fascinating so haven’t abandoned it just yet.

Number 12 is Hataage! Kemono Michi which is overall far better if you like comedy and wrestling though it isn’t actually bad and enough of the jokes are starting to land to make me want to keep watching this adventure.

Weirdly, Null and Peta, despite being a short anime, is sitting nearly in my top 10 having reached number 11. It is amusing and there’s a little bit of depth to the characterisation that keeps it being a refreshing five minutes viewing each week.

Then, just scraping in at number 10 is Assassins Pride. The show is all over the place and I’m pretty sure it will be a disaster, yet the setting still intrigues and I’m enjoying the main characters enough so here it is. I probably don’t recommend this show as there’s plenty better, but I’m also just having fun watching it.

In The Top 10

Number 9 goes to Special 7 (that’s actually almost amusing given the terrorist group is called 9 in the show). This anime could be so much better and yet I like the visuals and the idea is fine even if the animation is a little flat. We’ll see where it goes.

And sneaking into Number 8 is Shinchou Yuusha because I haven’t gotten tired of the one joke that is the hero is ridiculously cautious. Actually, I just really like the chemistry between the hero and the goddess but when that wears thin I’m pretty sure overall enjoyment of this anime will plummet if they haven’t built up anything else by then.

At Number 7 we find Mairimashita Iruma-kun which is fun and silly and a little kiddy, but highly entertaining. This one isn’t deep, nor is it trying to be, so if you like the visuals and just want to switch off for a bit it is working well.

Just ahead at number 6 is Ahiru no Sora that is entirely being propped up on the strength of its protagonist, Sora. I dislike literally every other character in the show so far (except his mother) but his determination is pretty infectious and honestly the fact that I’m still enjoying watching despite not liking the cast is pretty impressive. We’ll see how long this basketball anime keeps working for me.

Actually hitting an ‘average’ of sorts, at number 5 we have the ridiculously long title, Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life. This one is just silliness and cuteness wrapped up in an isekai package and it is working. There’s no danger of this one being the top of the season, but I definitely feel it is worth the time for a bit of a relaxing watch.

And slowly building momentum (very slowly), at number 4 we have My Hero Academia season 4. I’ll be very surprised if this one doesn’t punch into the top 3 but the first three episodes haven’t done enough. Still, it is MHA and it has been consistently worth watching for three seasons so I’m pretty sure this one is a safe bet.

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Current Top 3

These are very likely to change depending on how the various shows go this season but currently my top 3 shows are:

Number 3: Stars Align


There’s a good chance the shine will wear off of this one but so far I’m enjoying its balance between family drama and standard underdog sports club saga. It helps that I find the main character relatively interesting and his blunt comments may not be appreciated by his team but they kind of make me smile.

Number 2: Dr Stone


If you told me at this time last season that Dr Stone would be hitting my top 3 titles I would have laughed. Sure it worked well enough but I could easily pass on it. Now I’m thoroughly drawn into the story and it is sitting fairly comfortably as one of my must watch shows this season.

Number 1: No Guns Life


I’m reviewing this one for patrons only but I am glad this one was suggested by them. It has become a surprise favourite for the season and while it may not hold the number one spot as other anime hit their stride, for now, I’m loving this.


For now though I’d love to know what you’ve fallen in love with this season?

Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.

Hope you enjoyed.

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11 thoughts on “Week 4 Impressions of the Fall (Autumn) Anime Season

  1. As of the time I’m typing this comment, my (more objective) ranking of best – worst goes like this: Shinchou Yuusha, No Guns Life, Stars Align, Dr Stone, Mairimashita! Iruma-kun and BnHA. BnHA is suffering from the week off and Dr Stone only just made a leap up because of developments in eps 17 and 18 (I know ep 18 affects week 5’s rankings, but I was too slow in finishing 17 that 18 came out in the meantime). All the shows are pretty good, though, but surprisingly I’ve found more enthusiasm for Mairimashita! Iruma-kun as time goes by – it was already in my wheelhouse because it’s a comedy with occasional Japanese puns, but I read a few spoilers for what happens later in the manga and it’s only gonna get better from where it’s at in week 4 (not just in the conclusion of the race mini-arc it’s got going on).

    1. There were a lot of sequels and the like coming out this season for shows I’d either not watched or dropped in earlier seasons and then a number of shows I’d kind of thought I’d end up watching didn’t come out on services I use. It has made for a kind of random combination of shows on the watch list in the end.

  2. Great list! I’m also really liking No Guns Life. It turned out much better than I had expected and i’m totally into the atmosphere No Guns Life is seeping out and the conflicts introduced. If I had to say what my favorite anime of the season is so far, i’d have to choose Beastars. So far it’s been meeting every one of my expectations and even surpassing them. I’m looking forward to what more Beastars has to offer along with No Guns Life.

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