Week 3 Impressions of the Fall (Autumn) Anime Season

Of course just when I thought my watch list was set Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle came out so now I’ll have to see if that’s going to replace one of my less enthusiastic picks. Still, despite a slow start, the Autumn season might be a quiet achiever with a few anime being a slow build. I’m hopeful but even if things don’t pan out at least there’s a range of stuff to try.

I’m not covering Fire Force as Irina has that one covered and given Pet seems to be missing in action (we weren’t sure if we were going to get access anyway) Irina and I are discussing some older anime titles we might like to review together this season. Watch this space and we’ll see what we end up with.

Still On The List – For Now

Not problematic enough to drop but no guarantee I won’t walk away from these titles later, these are the ones that I’m not loving and not sure they will improve but equally they all have something that is keeping me hopeful that I’ll end up enjoying them. Of course, I do know from past experience that hope is sometimes misplaced.


Kabuikichou Sherlock – Um, episode two of this was equally as mixed in terms of weird, annoying, not so greatly executed moments and characters that are unrealised as episode one was. And yet… Well, I didn’t hate watching it, which seems like a weak argument but its enough for now. Reviews should be out Sunday.


Val x Love – This one remains an issue of genre as it just isn’t the kind of anime I go crazy for. Still, I’m not letting it go just yet though it also isn’t one I’d be all that unhappy if I didn’t find out how it ended. Otherwise, it is perfectly watchable if not really all that exceptional in execution. Reviews should be out Thursday.


Ascendance of a Bookworm – Colour me surprised that after the third episode I actually liked this a little more. I’m still really on the fence about the protagonist but by the end of episode 3 there were small moments of light and I’d kind of like to see the character progress more in that direction so this one is hanging on for now. For those who don’t dislike the protagonist from episode one, this is actually a pretty decent slice of life (however, mileage may vary depending on your tolerance for Main). Reviews should be out Sunday.


Null & Peta – For a short anime it is kind of charming but realistically I’m probably going to run out of stuff to say about it before the end of the season. It is pretty charming though. Reviews should be out Monday.


Growing on Me/Good Enough

When reviewing it is sometimes nice to put things back in perspective. Not every anime needs to be the next greatest thing and given only a few years ago any anime access was a joy, these are the kinds of shows that were extremely pleasant to come across. They may not be the next anime of the year but they seem to work and might be fun.


Kemono Michi – This one goes from not so great to pretty amusing and back and forth and I’m sure those who find the style of comedy here more appealing will enjoy it infinitely more (as will people who enjoy wrestling and wrestlers). That said, I’m finding enough pleasure in watching to confirm this on the watch list for the season. It probably won’t be a favourite, but I’ll hopefully enjoy it enough. Reviews should be out Friday.


Shichou Yuusha – This one was delayed a week so my thoughts on it haven’t changed. I’m enjoying the dynamic between the two main characters and have found this one amusing enough so far. Will continue watching. Reviews should be out Saturday.


Ahiru no Sora – Not great but good enough for a sports anime, this one has a lot of growth potential. Sora is kept this one solidly afloat and I’ll watch now to see him continue his journey. The rest of the cast still haven’t quite clicked for me just yet. Reviews should be out Friday.


Granblue Fantasy Season 2 – This one is much the same as season one. It isn’t going to change the world but for a low key adventure/fantasy it does enough. I’m fairly confident of being mildly entertained for a season by it. Reviews should be out Tuesdays.


Special 7 – I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy this as it goes but it isn’t exactly great. Special 7 is definitely fitting solidly into being just ‘good enough’ but I can fully understand people passing on this one. That said, I’ve been entertained by it so far and I’m a little curious about a few things. Reviews should be out Wednesdays.


Assassins Pride – Definitely not great but also not as terrible as some reviews I’ve read make it sound. Assassins Pride has some issues but its still setting things up and to be honest I’m finding it pleasant enough to watch even if I’m a little concerned it is not going to get very far. Hopefully it builds on its potential. Reviews should be out Saturdays.

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My Favourites So Far

While it is too early to really know what is going to be good (given anime has this nasty tendency to derail in the second or third act), these are the anime that I’ve most enjoyed so far this season for a variety of reasons.


Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life – It is just fun. Okay, don’t think too hard while watching it because it won’t deal with too many questions or too much probing and it probably isn’t any better than any other isekai this season, but I’m having a great time with this one. Reviews should be out Thursday.

Hero4 2b

My Hero Academia Season 4 – It’s had a bit of a slow start but it is My Hero Academia. I’m fully on board with this one and it is going to need to take a serious mis-step at this point for this one to seriously put me off the show. Three seasons of mostly quality viewing have given it a lot of leeway. Reviews should be out Sunday – collaborating with Kapodaco.


No Guns Life – This one I genuinely love and hope it continues to build on the foundation here. This one actually could be a contender for anime of the season for me (though could also shake itself apart before we hit the mid-season, we’ll see). I’m covering this one for patrons and reviews should be out on Saturdays.


Stars Align – Solid start with both episodes one and two and my preferred sports anime of the season. Also a potential contender for my pick of the season. Looking forward to seeing how this one develops. Reviews should be out on Saturday.


Dr Stone – Definitely happy with where Dr Stone is at this point and it is continuing to deliver. No issues continuing this one and I find myself more and more drawn into it. Reviews should be out Mondays.


Marimashita Iruma-Kun – Definitely not a contender for anime of the season but I’m finding this one amusing enough and I like the bright appearance of the whole thing. Thoroughly entertaining even if a decidedly average show. Totally keeping this one around. Reviews should be out Wednesdays.

Not a lot of movement between weeks two and three except that I’m less on the fence about some of the anime at the bottom of the list. Most of them delivered follow up episodes that made me a little happier to keep watching them and showed some promise for the season ahead. So nothing dropped yet but I’m still tossing up whether to dip back into SAO and I know Phantasy Star Online episodes are sitting there and I’m curious as to what they are like.

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Hope you enjoyed.

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6 thoughts on “Week 3 Impressions of the Fall (Autumn) Anime Season

  1. Like you, I had to make room for more shows when Blade Of The Immortal reboot was added to Amazon Prime and the return of Chihayafuru S3, for which I dropped Kandagawa Jet Girls, which wasn’t much of a loss if I’m being frank. In fact, it’s a total upgrade! 😛

    1. I’ve been putting it off because I really did like SAO and didn’t want to spend another season picking at it. Still, the reviews I’ve read of the first couple of episodes are making me want to give it a go. I’ll see if I drop anything because I’ll probably replace it with that. If not, I’ll binge it once it is done.

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