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Hey everyone, we’ve pretty much made it to the end of the Winter 2017 anime season. I’d love to know what your best of the season was (my only criteria for best is the show you found the most entertaining).

I decided this year that since I’ve actually started the blog at the beginning if I do best of each season, my end of year best of the year vote won’t need to have quite so many titles in it because I can narrow down the choices from these polls throughout the year. So please vote and let others know.

Thanks for your vote. I’ll release results probably next week.

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21 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favourite Anime of Winter 2017

  1. None of my favourite shows this season were included in the poll. I find this problem a lot, I love shorts and kids shows and other weird quirky things which tend to be utterly overlooked.

    My favourite show this season, which sort of snuck up on me (and apparently most of Japan) was Kemono Friends. It’s both a cute series and also a well-executed mystery (not in the sense of a mystery novel with a crime to solve, but in the sense that it has a lot of unexplained elements which slowly come together).

    1. I didn’t end up taking on any shorts this season so unfortunately I did leave them off the poll. I’m glad you commented your favourite anyway. It’s nice to know what people have enjoyed.

      1. There’s so many things which air each season, it’s not really a surprise that people can’t fit everything in a poll! Also, I realise not everyone has my crazy love for short anime.

  2. Rakugo is technically the most outstanding show from Winter 17′ but I got a lot more out of 3-gatsu personally and emotionally, so I’m voting for the latter instead. Maid Dragon has been delightful and I can’t think of anything that I dislike about this show yet. My optimism for Scum’s Wish kinda went to a halt around week 6 or somewhere — still a great show though. ACCA’s fine, but it’s something that would be forgotten sooner compared to my top 3. I feel like Little Witch Academia is yet to pull its punches. Demi-chan’s great too. Zestiria hehe you know.

    1. I’m really struggling with my personal favourite between ACCA and March Comes in Like a Lion. I honestly think before the end of the year I’m going to have to do a full rewatch of both to see which one stands up on a second viewing to split them. Neither may end up being my favourite for the year because there are plenty of other shows to come, but at the moment I really can’t split them.

  3. For me the best anime of this winter season is the sequel of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu but because it’s not on the list I voted for ACCA.

    1. Yeah, that was an oversight. I know I’m not watching Shouwa… but it should have been included on the reader poll. I didn’t list everything but that one should have been mentioned.

  4. Can’t vote since I haven’t watched any but I have deep, burning need to find out where Hand Shakers will end up.

  5. Without a doubt, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid was my favourite anime of the winter. It’s got a great mix of comedy and heart-warming moments, as well as an interesting and varied cast of characters.

      1. Just for the lolz. Although I can’t deny some morbid enjoyment due to all the things that Hand Shakers manage to get wrong.

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