It Is Time To Vote For The Best Anime of the Summer 2019 Season


This is one of those polls where I actually have no idea which way the voting will go and I don’t mind that. Whether a show I love ends up taking out the top spot or an anime that didn’t work for me but is still a great watch for others wins, I think Summer may be the tightest poll this year. I’m fine with being proven wrong in three weeks times when we have a run-away victory with something, but that just adds to the overall excitement of hosting this poll each season.

For those new to my seasonal polls let me explain that when I am asking people for the best anime of the season this is not based on any objective measure. I am asking anime fans which anime they enjoyed watching the most this season? Which anime did you count the minutes until the next episode dropped? Which anime made you happy to be an anime fan?

There’s no right answer to this poll and you can have three choices. I just want to know what the community has had fun watching this season.

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Remember the top three anime from this vote will go into the final poll for anime of the year. So what are you waiting for? Put your vote in and please share the poll. If you want to tell me who you voted for leave a comment.

Thanks for voting. Remember to share the poll and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the results.

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10 thoughts on “It Is Time To Vote For The Best Anime of the Summer 2019 Season

  1. Hm, Kanata no Astra and Wasteful Days of Highschool Girls are obvious votes for me, but then it’s a toss up between Given or Vinland Saga. I voted Given, because I tend to dislike the main character in VS (though that doesn’t hurt this show as much as it would others).

    I’m relieved to say we’re having a much better season than in spring.

    1. It has been a really fun anime season and while some of the shows I’ve kept on my watch list didn’t work out, it has been balanced out by the shows I’m just really enjoying watching each week.

    1. I know but we’re down to three weeks for some shows and I’ve found when I open the poll for three weeks it gives everyone a chance to see the vote, think about it, and lots of time to speculate what will win.

      1. Yeah, I need to write the “this is what I might be watching next” post soon don’t I as well? It’s strange how that happens almost cyclically.

        1. I usually don’t get to a what I’ll watch next post unless there ends up being a gap in the shows I’m currently watching and the new premieres.

    1. It is interesting that with people having three votes a show that might be third on everyone’s list but common across more people tends to do quite well.
      What do you think will win the poll this season?

      1. That’s a good question. My personal favorite this season has been Kanata no Astra. But I think that show hasn’t had nearly as much exposure as others this season.

        The most likely pick is probably Demon Slayer, honestly.

        1. I agree. That seems to be the common denominator in most review lists.
          I’m personally still torn between Given and Kanata no Astra and it will really depend how they go in their final episodes.

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