Vote For The Best Anime of The Winter 2019 Season

Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 9

Here we are closing in on the end of a season. Okay, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime already ended the actual story. That caught me off guard.

That means it is time for you to have your say on your favourite shows of the season.

It is a nice simple process. Just pick your three favourite shows from the season and vote below. Don’t see your favourite, write it in. And then, share the post so more people can have their say.

Given it went well last year, I’ll be taking the top three shows from this season and at the end of the year they will go head to head with the winners of each season’s poll to decide the anime of the year.

Now those of you wondering what happened to the worst of the season poll, I’ve decided not to run those in 2019. Most people tend to just drop shows they don’t like anyway. But, I’d still love it if you would share your pick for worst of the season and your reason in the comments or @ me on Twitter and if I get enough of these I can put together a round up of thoughts on the worst anime of the Winter 2019 season.


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10 thoughts on “Vote For The Best Anime of The Winter 2019 Season

  1. I went for The Promised Neverland, Shield Hero and SAO: Alicization this time around.

    The Promised Neverland has been a fantastic adaptation of a fantastic Manga, and has handled things really well so far in my opinion. I can only hope for a second season at some point.

    Shield Hero, in spite of its controversy, is actually really great and enjoyable for an isekai show, and it has some interesting themes and ideas that keep things compelling, even if it’s not the best written show in the world.

    And SAO keeps raising the bar, and is only going to get better as it continues into the Spring. I really love what the show is doing right now.

    As for my worst? I’d probably have to go with W’z because it’s just a mess of a show both visually and narratively. It’s probably not the worst thing of the entire season, but it’s the worst thing I’ve chosen to watch this season.

    Looking forward to the results!

    1. I would definitely like to say W’z is the worst but I didn’t get even five minutes into it so it probably wouldn’t be fair for me to judge it based on that (I judged it far too similar to Hand Shakers to allow myself to get sucked into it in any way).
      I’ve been enjoying Shield Hero and I love The Promised Neverland. SAO isn’t really working for me at the moment. I keep wanting to enjoy Alicization a lot more than I actually do.

  2. I probably won’t be voting mostly because I’ve only seen like 2 serials from the season. It wouldn’t feel fair lol. But I love checking out the results from these polls! 😃

    1. It is always interesting to see what the community are thinking. I wonder if like last year the majority of the winners will be shows I didn’t watch?

  3. I thought that The Slime anime will go on for more episode but it ended. I am sad.
    Also, my vote would for Mob Psycho thought at first I thought Dororo was better but the last where Dimple takes on the body of Mc’s senpai and fight with that guy was great. I really like hand to hand battles without any special power and that’s why my vote will be for Mob.

    1. Thanks for voting. It will be great to see what ends up winning this season as there seem to be a few anime that have a fairly solid following.

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