Vote For The Best Anime of The Spring 2019 Season

Sorry, no feature this week, but instead we’re opening the poll for the best of the Spring Anime season. While there’s been a lot of talk about this being a slow or weak season, it seems most people have found a handful of anime that have really delighted them so it will be interesting to see what has lasted the distance and what you believe is the anime of the season.

Naturally that means it is time for you to vote.

It is a nice simple process. Just pick your three favourite shows from the season and vote below. And then, share the post so more people can have their say. The vote is open until the 29th of June with the results to be announced soon after.

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Remember the top three anime from this vote will go into the final poll for anime of the year. Though given they’ll be going up against the winner’s of the Winter Poll, that may be a steep hill to climb.

I am having difficulty embedding the poll at the moment so while it might work below, please try the direct link to vote and hopefully I can fix it soon.

Thanks for voting. Remember to share the poll and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the results.

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11 thoughts on “Vote For The Best Anime of The Spring 2019 Season

    1. There’s definitely a few people who are really enjoying it so it will be interesting to see how far up the poll it manages to get.

    1. I’m amazed you know what is going to win. Voices have been so scattered this season. On that note, I haven’t even managed to figure out what I’m enjoying the most because there are a three or four shows I’m really enjoying but for very different reasons and comparing them is quite hard.

      1. Well, I was being deliberately cautious by highlighting the word “will” rather than making a bold assured statement, since your readership has in the past displayed a definite leaning towards certain titles, so let’s call it an very educated guess! 😉 😛

      1. What’s not to like about her: the way her tail wags when she’s happy, her cute little ears, she can kick any guys butt, and she’s kind, loyal, and selfless. She’s also the only one who can control Naofumi when he lets his bad side go nuts.

    1. There’s quite a bit of diversity in the season which makes it hard to compare shows as they each do something good in their own way.

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