Voice of Fox Episode 4: Is Hu Li Losing His Resolve?

Voice of Fox Episode 4

This week we see that Sky’s provocations have gotten under Hu Li’s skin far more than it might have seemed at first. Whether he is in the classroom or performing, he can’t get the his conjured image and voice of Sky out of his head and it is having an impact on his performance.


While they may have scraped the victory through this round, it wasn’t by Hu Li’s voice. This time the credit is entirely on the fact that the opponent suddenly lost their voice mid-performance and while it was pretty obvious why even before they revealed it, it is a pretty scummy move. The only question is how many people are in on the current conspiracy and how high does it go.


As for Hu Li, he has bigger problems because his confidence is a little shaken and he’s becoming increasingly paranoid. Not to mention, his friend from school who also happens to be an idol, has kind of outed his mysterious online persona so it all seems like things are going to get messy.


I’m still having immense fun with this one. It isn’t perfect but for a weekly short it works well enough and I’m genuinely intrigued. It would be nice if they sang a different song given round after round singing the same thing has to get boring even for the audience, but apparently we’re just sticking with what we know.

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